Friday, March 22, 2013


ADMISSION is a movie about  modern parenting.  The offbeat, charming humor that is TINA FEY 's signature style makes the Portia Nathan character delightful. As admissions officer for the illustrious Princeton University it is her job to weed out the applicants. She is well paired with PAUL RUDD who plays John Pressman,  a teacher in an alternative high school who believes he has found a perfect student for the prestigious university. To add to my pleasure with this movie, LILY TOMLIN plays Susannah, Portia's mother.
I truly enjoyed this PAUL WEITZ feature. It is not uproariously funny, it is funny because we recognize our own human foibles through the characters.

-Lena Ghio

Friday, March 15, 2013


Français en bleu

I began enjoying the Festival on March 14 the opening date. I saw three films I adored! I chose them carefully. I chose them with my heart.

J'ai commencé à déguster le Festival ce 14 mars, la date d'ouverture. J'ai vu trois films que j'ai adoré. J'ai choisi soigneusement. J'ai choisi avec mon coeur.

THE SUCCESSOR OF KAKIEMON a film by SUZANNE RAES tells the story of Hiroshi Kakiemon the XV as he gets ready to take over the Kakiemon porcelain company in Arita. The Kakiemon dynasty has been producing the most exquisite porcelain since 1640 and the company has been handed down from generation to generation. We get inside the workshop, up close and personal with each player of the porcelain industry. It is so exciting to me to watch the artisans working at their craft in pure ZEN. Hiroshi, we sense, is conflicted between striking his own style and the values that his father his trying to transmit to him before retiring. TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL!

Le film plus haut nous transporte dans l'atelier des célèbres porcelaines KAKIEMON à Arita au Japon. Nous rencontrons Hiroshi le prochain successeur  de l'illustre dynastie. Nous le sentons mal à l'aise alors que son père tente de lui transmettre les traditions qu'il devra maintenir puisque leur maison est devenue un trésor national du pays. Nous pouvons voire chaque étape de la production du point de vu intime des artisans qui oeuvrent dans une ambiance ZEN. TOTALLEMENT BEAU! 

JE SUIS VENU VOUS DIRE...GAINSBOURG BY GINZBURG a film by PIERRE-HENRY SALFATI is magical! It captures a phenomena of human life where the past, the present and the future collaborate in a fourth dimension to reveal the mysterious French singer- song writer SERGE GAINSBOURG. Controversial with exotic features and mannerism, he was a lady's man, full of insecurities and concealed trauma. We discover in the film that his father brutally abused him for years. I LOVED THE MAGIC OF THIS FILM!
Here, Bonnie and Clyde, a song he did with the gorgeous BRIGITTE BARDOT

La vie de SERGE GAINSBOURG, ses chansons, ses amours, son énigme, ses chagrins...Ce film est MAGIQUE, comme si toute la vie de Gainsbourg se dirigeait vers ce merveeilleux film où on le rencontre intimement! J'AI ADORÉ!

BEFORE AND AFTER DINNER a portrait of ANDRE GREGORY by his wife film maker CINDY KLEINE. This has to be the most charming man in the world! The movie evolves around Andre working his craft. Everyone who is passionate about the theatre will be thrilled by this movie as we learn many secrets of Andre's methodology. The movie reveals the shock he had of reading in a history book that his father may have worked for ADOLF HITLER. He tells us about his intriguing family as he tries to come to terms with the possibility of his father's infamy. I LOVED IT!

Ce film est pour tous les amateurs de théâtre! ANDRE GREGORY est l'homme le plus sympathique au monde! Il devient obséder alors qu'il apprend que son père aurait pu être un employé de ADOLF HITLER! L'histoire se déroule autour de son travail et on revit son passé et ses oeuvres dont le film de LOUIS MALLE MY DINNER WITH ANDRÉ. ADORÉ!

-Lena Ghio

STOKER opens this week-end

Meet India Stoker,  MIA WASIKOWSKA, an introverted young girl with heightened  perceptions. We are drawn into her world by the rich cinematography of CHUNG-HOON CHUNG who uses each image each scene as a living canvas of flowing colors and moods. Soon we meet India's family, NICOLE KIDMAN plays her mother Evelyn Stoker, DERMOT MULRONEY plays her dad Richard Stoker, and MATTHEW GOODE plays her uncle Charles Stoker who will help India come into her own. The movie has a slow pace at the beginning because everything is put to use to reveal India's unusual frame of mind and peculiar family that until now she did not know well. It is a thriller and as the film progresses you will be happy you stuck with it. Director PARK CHAN-WOOK will deliver the goods in a colorful splash of surprise!
Watch trailer to set the stage...

It is mysterious, artistic, beautiful and very scary!

-Lena Ghio

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Moons of Saturn, gravity and the evolution of life

The three cloud formations molded by gravity propelled forward by approaching New Moons and AGCM.

In science, it is all about what you can prove. My article The Phenomena of Evolution Captured was met with skepticism by many science aficionados in spite of the fact that I presented primary evidence to support my hypothesis that gravity propelled forward by the Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics ( AGCM ) will override DNA in living matter, is a fundamental stimulus in the process of evolution, that it is possibly the architect of DNA  since the early stages of the evolution of life on Earth and may be the way life evolves within other solar systems across the universe.

In this article I will use the most recent observations made about the Moons of Saturn collected by the Cassini Solstice Mission to illustrate how gravity is propelled forward by AGCM and I will link this to phenomena I have photographed in the clouds and the experiments I did with plants.

I will not reveal my calculations at this time, as I will include them in the scientific paper I am working on: How the chemistry of life is entangled with celestial mechanics: this to preserve my copyrights and privilege of discovery. NASA and other scientists have not yet understood my hypothesis as you can see by the links provided below. I am bringing this hypothesis and initial evidence to the world as an artist who inadvertently made an unusual discovery.


After the Big Bang gravity began clumping quarks, gluons, electrons and neutrinos; protons and neutrons formed deuterium, helium and lithium nuclei. Eventually electrons combined with protons and these low mass nuclei formed neutral atoms. The clumping action of gravity contracted clouds of atoms into stars where hydrogen and helium fused into more massive chemical elements. As stars were born the clouds of particles swirling around them became planets due to the stars own gravitational pull. Moons that possessed their own gravity field surrounded some planets. Scientists observed that the force of gravity created mass and in return mass created gravity. Another feature of gravity that has been noted is its propensity to repeat patterns even though it also creates endless variety.

In Saturn’s Moons we can witness how AGCM propel gravity forward in various patterns to fashion a marvel of our solar system, the rings of Saturn. Saturn’s rings are the result of the AGCM of its Moons. As we observe the actions of four of its Moons on the formation patterns of Saturn’s rings we witness the range of gravity’s action.

Enceladus has an irregular orbit around Saturn that is elliptical in such a way that the gravitational pull between it and Saturn will vary in dramatic intensity whether the Moon is close to the planet or far. Scientists believe this causes huge tidal forces that flex the body of Enceladus to generate energy and heat. Enceladus spews huge plumes of water because of this process, and adds to the volume of ice particles in Saturn’s rings. Here the AGCM impact on the form and function of the mass of the moon. Enceladus illustrates that a celestial body composed mostly of water is quickly malleable under the influence of gravity propelled forward by AGCM. Our Earth and the bodies of living organisms on our planet are composed of mostly water.

Prometheus and Pandora’s combined gravitational pull attracts particles in the F ring towards them to craft an intriguing spiral shape. The effects of these moons on the particles of water in the ring show that gravity can operate from a large distance.

Mimas forms precise alignments in orbital resonance with particles in the Huygens Gap at the inner edge of the Cassini Division. This 2:1ratio of orbital period provokes the episodic gravitational influence that nudges particles out of the Cassini Division with natural frequency. Mimas demonstrates that gravity separates masses by acting on particles, by clumping them in one area while emptying another, and that there is a clocklike mechanism in its capacity to clear the Cassini Division. By resonating at the same point regularly, the action of Mimas on particles strengthens the form sculpted in the Cassini Division. This moon shows us how gravity constructs form and sustains stability with AGCM beginning at the particle level.

Now lets come down to Earth and its Moon. The first effect that is agreed upon universally about the orbital periods of the Sun Moon and Earth is the impact that the increased gravitational fields of New and Full Moons have on the tides of the ocean. We have observed a relative stability of the shape Earth, of its rotation, orbit and seasonal cycles that tells us that the gravitational pulls between the Earth and the Moon have produced a system that has maintained itself for many years.
On the left is the angle that produced the anthropomorphic form in
the clouds, on the right is the angle that produced the
anthropomorphic features in Normand.

As an artist I have observed for years how “time and space” created phenomena. The concept I had of “time and space” included lunar cycles and celestial mechanics as opposed to the current constructs of time based on technologies that use the speed of light as a constant. This form making propensity of “time and space” fascinated me so much I developed an artistic project to verify the correctness of what I was observing. My calculations of “time and space” gave me the three images of the clouds assuming anthropomorphic features in front of three approaching New Moons.  These images were taken within a two-year period on three separate occasions. Although each has its unique features, they all share startling similarities: they appear at the predicted space and time, the eyes looking curiously back at me, the bald head, the strong nose, the elf like ears and related AGCM. After this art project I had to take a science class at McGill University in the fall of 2011 to really understand what was happening. After this class, I concluded gravity was responsible for sculpting the human features in the water particles of the clouds in front of  the three different approaching New Moons.  This combined with the larger AGCM of the moments when I took the photos nudged the particles to form human features for a limited amount of time that varied with each photograph.

There was another New Moon that should have produced anthropomorphic features in front of the Sun, but I could not afford to go to Rome where the phenomena may have manifested. I decided to use my calculations to plant lemon seeds to see if the anthropomorphic phenomena would manifest in plant life. The angle of the New Moon to my position on Earth at the moment of planting the lemon seeds was different than for the ones that produced human faces in front of the Sun.

As you can see the group on the left is smaller
than the group on the right.
After McGill I decided to put my hypothesis to the test using Amaryllis bulbs. As an artist I had hoped to present this project as a living installation so people could see with their own eyes how gravity propelled forward by AGCM sculpts living matter. I knew I could produce two groups of different size plants simply by planting the two groups at two different times when the AGCM would distribute the mass in the solar system differently. I have yet to find an institution that will present my project to the public but independently I succeeded in creating two groups of remarkably different size and mass using my calculations.

Normand the lemon tree that used one of his leaves to
sculpt a human face.

In the fall of 2012, one of the lemon seeds planted the year before manifested anthropomorphic features as I had expected. This proves to me that gravity and AGCM override DNA as my lemon tree, Normand, behaves way beyond normal lemon trees. It tells me that gravity engendered the evolution of life beginning at the particle level, that tiny shifts occurred with the natural frequency of orbital resonance of the lunar cycles and the AGCM of the entire solar system, that over many cycles of time and space gravity clumped the organic matter the same way it clumped other matter in the universe and this active substance evolved into all the living creatures past and present. It makes me see the actions of gravity on the first living cells on our planet in a whole new light because I know AGCM were affecting them in ways as yet incalculable by us.


If you follow the links provided by NASA and the BBC you will see visually the same principles at work that have acted on the cloud formations and on the size and shape of plants presented in this article. This is very exciting! It means there are infinite resources to harness from the universe simply by understanding the mystifying force of gravity.

In April 2013 I will perform a new experiment with Amaryllis bulbs. Like the previous one, the object will be to make two groups of different mass and size from the same variety of bulbs. This year I will add another feature to observe, I will analyze the consequence of AGCM and gravity on the moisture in the soil of the two groups. It is my belief that understanding the mysteries of gravity on the evolution of life will be extremely useful to help us rebuild our ecology.

© Lena Ghio 2013

What NASA knows about evolution and gravity: 

Friday, March 8, 2013

OZ the great and powerful by Disney

This prequel to THE WIZARD OF OZ we have come to love through the years is a fabulous accomplishment! Directed by SAM RAIMI the cast takes us on an adventure of restoration. JAMES FRANCO is Oscar Diggs a old circus performer who loves the ladies. Escaping from a jealous boyfriend, he lands in OZ where he meets the most exquisite characters: Theodora, Evanora, Glinda, Finlay, China Doll to name a few.

Your children will love this stunningly beautiful tale of magic and friendship! The witches are gorgeous in their luxurious gowns and crowns!


I saw it in IMAX 3D and I recommend the experience.

-Lena Ghio

La Maison-des-Marins, un nouveau pavillon au Musée Pointe-à-Callière

De gauche à droite: le maire de Montréal
M. Michael Applebaum, le ministre
de la Culture et des Communications,
M. Maka Kotto et la première misnistre du
Québec,  Mme Pauline Marois innaugurent
le nouveau pavillon.
photos Lena Ghio

Ce Mercredi 6 mars nous nous sommes réunis à la Maison-des-Marins pour l'inauguration du nouveau pavillon du Musée Pointe-à-Callière qui se spécialise dans l'archéologie et l'histoire. C'est le cinquième pavillon qui s'ajoute dans le développement de la Cité d'archéplogie et d'histoire de Montréal. Madame FRANCINE LELIÈVRE, directrice générale de Pointe-à-Callière, explique "Construit en 1992 pour accueillir 150 000 personnes, Pointe-à-Callière a vu sa fréquentation augmenter pour atteindre plus de 400 000 visiteurs. Devant l'intérêt croissant pour l'histoire de Montréal et son lieu de fondation, l'ajout de nouveaux espaces d'accueil s'imposait. La Maison-des-Marins, un lieu qui servait à l'acceuil et à l'hébergement de marins dans un temps passé, nous l'avons voulue contemporaine tout en étant intégrée au Vieux-Montréal, ouverte sur la ville, accessible à tous les publics, multifonctionelle dans l'aménagement de ses espaces et souple face à l'avenir."

photos Lena Ghio
En effet, nous avons vu au sous-sol un endroit de rêve pour les enfants. Accompagnés d'un archéologue/animateur ils apprenaient à creuser et à storer les artifactes. Les murs sont décorés d'une oeuvre magnifique de NICOLAS BAIER « Vanités 3. Les miroirs du temps ». Nous avons vu au deuxième étage l'espace où aura lieu l'exposition Les Fab Four, les débuts du rock'n'roll britannique et la British Invasion qui débutera le 30 avril 2013, la boutique qui offre des objets de tout genre qui soulignent l'histoire humaine. Il y a des salles très modernes avec une vue sur le port disponible pour les réunions et aussi pour les célébrations où vous pourrez vous régaler d'un repas gastronomique.

Une fière réussite pour Montréal et le Québec!

-Lena Ghio

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


             Salman Rushdie                             George Harrison
14-24 March/Mars 2013
Français en bleu

One of the great mysteries about the human being is his propensity to express himself with art. As far back as we can go in human history, we see traces in matter about what preoccupied the human spirit. FIFA is one of the most moving festivals in the world that touches this sacred cord in us and recounts the tales of our common spirituality with movies, documentaries about our most celebrated and loved artists.

 This year again will be one of difficult choices. Below are trailers for a few titles that have retained my attention.

Un des grands mystère de l'être humain est sa propension à s'exprimer par le biais de l'art. Aussi loin qu'on peut aller dans l'histoire, on voit les traces sur la matière de ce qui préoccupait l'esprit de l'humain.
Le FIFA est un des festival de films les plus émouvants au monde qui touche cette corde sacrée en nous qui raconte notre spiritualité commune avec des films, des documentaires à propos de nos plus célébrés et aimés artistes.

Cette année encore en sera une de choix difficiles. Plus bas, des bandes-annonces de quelques titres que j'ai retenus.

The Fatwa-Salman's story A documentary where author SALMAN RUSHDIE speaks of his years in hiding after a fatwa was put on his head by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989.
Un documentaire où l'auteur SALMAN RUSHDIE raconte ses années cachées après que l'Ayatollah Khomeini a mis un fatwa sur sa tête en 1989.

George Harrison: living in the material world A film by MARTIN SCORSESE  about the most elusive BEATLE.
Un film de MARTIN SCORSESE qui raconte ce BEATLE insaisssable. 

Amy Winehouse-the day SHE came to Dingle You can experience her delicious performance at Dingle.
Vivez son concert intime à Dingle.

Je suis venu vous dire...Gainsbourg by Ginzburg See the life, times and scandals of this controversial songwriter/singer.
Voyez la vie, l'époque et les scandales de cet auteur-compositeur-interprète.

Follow the link for all the programming information and tickets that are now available.  The MIFA is an event for professionals and media to network. I will be reviewing as many films as I can for you, stay posted.

Suivez le lien pour toutes les informations sur la programmation et la billetterie, les billets sont maintenant disponibles. Le MIFA est un événement pour les professionnels et les médias qui veulent faire du résautage. Je ferai la critique pour le plus de films possible pour vous, demeurez au poste.

- Lena Ghio

Friday, March 1, 2013


photo Lena Ghio
En Français plus bas

Monday February 25 2013 I went to the DVD launch of the critically acclaimed LEE HIRSCH documentary BULLY. We were treated to a screening of the movie and a question period with the Director.

The film is deeply disturbing. It focuses on a few schools in the US but the unfortunate pattern is universal. As the film crew melts into the background, students and school officials return to their normal everyday attitudes. That is when the truth about bullying emerges. One case in particular is so disturbing, the one about Alex, that you can meet in the link above. Lee Hirsch told us there was at least 29 students bullying this child in one way or another! You will also see the antiquated moral perspective applied in most schools in North America where the staff does not see or pay attention to the dramatic severity of the bullying going on before their eyes.

In one scene the principal intercepts two young boys, the victim and the bully. She asks that they shake hands before going to their classrooms. At this point I wasn't sure who was who as one of the boys was refusing to comply while the other was saying : Sure! I will shake his hand! Then it became clear that the one refusing to shake hands was the victim. I was outraged! This is the equivalent of asking a rape victim to go on a date with her rapist! The concept does not appear to enter the principal's mind at all!
Then the same principal talks with a tiny boy who is heartbroken because his classmates called him names. She asks HIM what SHE should do! I am sorry! But YOU DO NOT ask children to solve the problems of the world! You raise children to be decent human beings! The film also shows how overwhelming it is for a bullied child. Alex has 29 bullies! How can he deal with that on his own?

If you have children in school you owe it to your entire family to watch this film and discuss it because your kids could be on either side of the issue and it is your job to hear them and guide them. There are many resources available for example The Bully Project and the movement against bullying is gaining momentum. In the DVD set, you will have updates on the children's progress.

-Lena Ghio


Lundi le 25 février 2013 je me suis rendue au lancement du DVD pour le documentaire acclamé de LEE HIRSCH,  INTIMIDATION. Le porte parole à Montréal est JASMIN ROY qui oeuvre avec la Fondation Jasmin Roy et le Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal pour réaliser des projets de sensibilisation dans les écoles.

Le film est très dérangeants. Il se concentre sur quelques écoles dans les États-Unies mais le motif est universel. Alors que l'équipe de tournage fond à l'arrière plan, étudiants et dirigeants retournent à leurs attitudes habituelles. Et là la vérité sur l'intimidation fait surface. Un cas en particulier, celui d'un garçon nommé Alex, dépasse la raison. Le réalisateur Lee Hirsch affirma avoir compté 29 étudiants qui intimidaient l'enfant! Vous verrez dans ce film la moralité archaïque appliquée dans la plupart des écoles en Amérique du Nord par le personnel qui ne voit pas ou ne porte pas attention à la sévérité dramatique des cas d'intimidation qui se jouent sous leurs yeux.

Dans une des scènes, la directrice de l'école intercepte deux jeunes garçons, une victime et une brute. Elle leur demande de se serrer la main avant d'entrer en classe. Je n'étais pas certaine lequel était la victime ou la brute alors qu'un des gamins refusait de serrer la main de l'autre qui disait: Certainement que je vais serrer sa main! C'est là que cela devient évident que la victime est celui qui refuse de se soumettre à la demande du principal.  J'étais outragée! C'est l'équivalent de demander à une victime de viol de sortir le samedi soir avec son violeur! Pire! Ce concept n'effleure même pas la conscience de la directrice d'école! La même directrice parle à un tout petit garçon qui a le coeur brisé parce que les enfants l'ont bombarder d'insultes. Elle LUI demande ce qu'ELLE devrait faire face à cela! Je suis désolée! ON NE DEMANDE PAS aux enfants de résoudre les problèmes du monde! C'est aux adultes d'élever des êtres humains correctes! Le film révèle aussi comment les victimes d'intimidations sont accablées comme dans le cas d'Alex qui est attaqué tous les jours par 29 brutes! Comment peut-il en venir à bout seul?

Si vous avez des enfants à l'école vous vous devez de visionner ce film avec votre famille pour en discuter avec vos enfants qui peuvent être d'un côté ou de l'autre du problème. C'est à vous de les guider et de les entendre! Dans le DVD, vous aurez le plus récentes nouvelles des enfants vus dans le film.

-Lena Ghio