Thursday, August 29, 2013


A brilliant edge of your seat thriller based on recent dealings with menace to national security from terrorists. When GEORGE ORWELL wrote 1984 he imagined a time when Big Brother, the government, would keep an eye on everyone all the time. The opening scenes of this movie show modern day London being surveilled from every angle. Yet the terrorist attack occurs and hundreds die.

That is when our heroes appear. Played by ERIC BANA, Martin Rose the lead defense attorney, and REBECCA HALL, Claudia Simmons-Howe a special advocate, two defense attorneys who were once lovers are reunited to defend  the accused terrorist in a closed circuit trial.

The intrigue is intelligently revealed in this fast paced movie. Danger is imminent from all angles and treachery abounds until all the lines between what is the law, what is justice, what is truth, and who do you protect, are blurred. This is a strong element of the international political scene at this time in our human evolution and we can't avoid it.

The brilliant screenplay was deeply researched by STEVE KNIGHT and successfully brought to life by director JOHN CROWLEY.


Friday, August 16, 2013


This is an amazing image composed of
half Ashton Kutcher's face and half of Steve Jobs face.

I was at the press screening for this movie last Monday. We had the opportunity to see three different movies but most journalists gathered in the theatre were JOBS was set to play.

I admire very much who STEVE JOBS was in spite of his human foibles. He was a man with a keen awareness that he transfered with enthusiasm to his fans, the consumers of the products of his genius. There is a myth about genius that one must pay for it with ones life. JOBS was such a man consumed by his work before any other consideration.

ASTON KUTCHER is liquid brilliance as he struts from scene to scene channelling the spirit of Steve Jobs. The moment the movie opens and even now as I am sharing the experience with you, I have chills and tears in my eyes.

Of course like all of us humans there are so many unrevealed elements to the complete story. What I have retained was the spirit of Jobs. That came through for me, his desire for elegance, for excellence, his understanding of the human heart, of the ephemerality of our existence.

Opening Friday August 16 2013.



Sunday, August 4, 2013


Sunset on Jupiter © Lena Ghio 2013

I must begin by adding my voice to those who admire Professor STEPHEN HAWKING. As I read his works I felt he came so close to revealing the one key I have discovered that unlocks the Theory of Everything, TOE. But in the end, he could not take the final leap into the inconceivable. And to be fair, I could not have done it without his incredible life work.

Scientists, for all their acclaim about expert objectivity, still feel they must address God as a counterpoint to justify their quest for pure logic. The problem with this entire concern is that scientists are debating with the descriptions of God put forward by ancient humans who believed we were the center of the universe living on a very flat Earth instead of addressing the overwhelming forces that create life itself that those ancient humans were trying to come to terms with. Today’s scientist, for all his doctorates and PHD, has not comprehended this peculiarity. So it is in Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design.

Professor Hawking begins the book by reminding us of Descartes’ assertion that being aware of «initial conditions» means you can make predictions about the evolution of a «system» or verify the cause for «mutations that occur in nature».

The Grand Design page 26:

«Descartes also understood the importance of what we today call “initial conditions”. Those describe the state of a system at the beginning of whatever interval of time over which one seeks to make predictions. With a given set of initial conditions, the laws of nature determine how a system will evolve over time, but without a specific set of initial conditions, the evolution cannot be specified.»

Here Professor Hawking is 100% correct. It is when he applies this assertion that his reasoning and therefore his conclusions are wrong. By page 32 in The Grand Design the total amplitude of the damageable error about how gravity and Quantum Physics interact is revealed:

«While conceding that human behavior is indeed determined by the laws of nature, it also seems reasonable to conclude that the outcome is determined in such a complicated way and with so many variables as to make it impossible in practice to predict. For that would need a knowledge of the initial state of each of the thousand trillion trillion molecules in the human body and to solve something like that number of equations.»

The flaw is the underlined portion. The defect is that Professor Hawking cannot imagine any other type of initial state than one at the quantum level. In my experiments outlined in three articles: The Phenomena of Evolution Captured; The Moons of Saturn, Gravity and the Evolution of Life; Amaryllis Sculpted by Gravitational Modulations and the Evolution of Life: I demonstrate that you can make predictions about mutations in nature and complex masses of particles by using Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics (AGCM), the time of celestial mechanics, to calculate the initial conditions of a system and to make predictions about how it will evolve during a predetermined time. Without calculating all the initial conditions of each molecule, you can predict how a cluster of molecules will behave. This works because gravity can clump particles together to form complex systems when it is pushed by AGCM and can also direct the evolution of the new scheme towards the design predicted at the moment of inception.

I predict particle physicists will be able to confirm that the reason why particles seem affected by an observer has to do with the gravity field of that observer acting at a distance on those particles.

M. Einstein, here is the Theory of Everything, TOE:

The equation:

                                                E = MC squared
G + RF = T + S

The reasoning:

Albert Einstein demonstrated that E, energy, is equal to MC squared, matter, and that the two are interchangeable. But once here he could not integrate quantum physics with his theory of Relativity and of Special Relativity. He knew that Time Space and Gravity acted on each other but could not link this understanding to the seemingly miraculous world of particle physics.

The Moons of Saturn show us the role of Gravity in creating Time and Space, they show us how massive objects propel Gravity forward to affect particles and groupings of particles even at a distance. So this is reduced to Gravity + Rolling Force, or rotations. This in turn will equal Time, as when different celestial bodies will align, and Space, as where these alignments will occur and where the G force will be directed.

Therefore Energy and Matter divided by Gravity and the Rolling Force, or by Time and Space, have produced EVERYTHING since the beginning of our universe.

The equation also accounts for all the dimensions predicted by M Theory, and for Multiverses because the process of Gravity being pushed by AGCM is active everywhere and it is the means to the creation of Time and Space everywhere. This means all manners of Time and Space as Einstein’s theory of Relativity already demonstrated.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Français en bas
HOW much fun is this movie? LOTS! DENZEL WASHINGTON,  Robert "Bobby" Trench, is perfectly matched with MARK WAHLBERG, Marcus "Stig" Stigman,  in this fast paced action movie. The supporting cast is first rate with BILL PAXTON as Earl the greedy and vicious CIA operative, EDWARD JAMES OLMOS as the cold hearted Mexican drug cartel boss Papi Greco and JAMES MARSDEN as Lt. Cmdr. Quince. PAULA PATTON, Agent Deb Rees,  is the sexy female lead to round out the top. They kept me on the edge of my seat every minute! You will not know what is coming up next.

COMBIEN ce film est-il amusant! BEAUCOUP! DENZEL WASHINGTON dans le rôle de Robert "Bobby" Trench, est parfaitement jumelé avec MARK WAHLBERG dans le rôle de Marcus "Stig" Stigman dans ce film d'action frénétique. Les rôles secondaires sont remplis à merveille avec BILL PAXTON dans le rôle de Earl un opérateur sans scrupules de la CIAEDWARD JAMES OLMOS dans le rôle de Papi Greco, le boss sans coeur d'un cartel de drogue Mexican et JAMES MARSDEN dans le rôle du Lt. Cmdr. QuincePAULA PATTON dans le rôle de l' Agente Deb Rees, est l'élément sexy et féminin qui encercle le tout. Cette excellente distribution m'a gardée sur le bord de mon siège en anticipation de ce qui suivrait tout au long du film. On ne sait pas ce qui va se produire d'une minute à l'autre!