Thursday, August 29, 2013


A brilliant edge of your seat thriller based on recent dealings with menace to national security from terrorists. When GEORGE ORWELL wrote 1984 he imagined a time when Big Brother, the government, would keep an eye on everyone all the time. The opening scenes of this movie show modern day London being surveilled from every angle. Yet the terrorist attack occurs and hundreds die.

That is when our heroes appear. Played by ERIC BANA, Martin Rose the lead defense attorney, and REBECCA HALL, Claudia Simmons-Howe a special advocate, two defense attorneys who were once lovers are reunited to defend  the accused terrorist in a closed circuit trial.

The intrigue is intelligently revealed in this fast paced movie. Danger is imminent from all angles and treachery abounds until all the lines between what is the law, what is justice, what is truth, and who do you protect, are blurred. This is a strong element of the international political scene at this time in our human evolution and we can't avoid it.

The brilliant screenplay was deeply researched by STEVE KNIGHT and successfully brought to life by director JOHN CROWLEY.


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