Thursday, August 30, 2018

WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2018 in Montreal until September 30

The Battle for Mosul World Press Photo of the Year Nominee July 12, 2017 An unidentified young boy, who was carried out of the last ISIS-controlled area in the Old City by a man suspected of being a militant, is cared for by Iraqi Special Forces soldiers.
Commissioned by
The New York Times
Ivor Prickett

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Visiting a World Press Photo exhibition always moves me to the core as the photojournalists who go around the globe bring us views of the world and of human life that run an equally large gamut of emotions. The above photo for example punches me in the gut. The Iraqi Special Forces rescue this tiny naked little boy. During the press tour we were told by Yi Wen Hsia, the director of the exhibition and representative of World Press Photo Amsterdam, that one of those men adopted the child who, like many other children, was used as a human shield.

A few samples of the stories these striking photographs tell us. 
The exhibition is now open in the Old Port's Bonsecours Market everyday until September 30 2018. To get all the details follow this LINK.


From left to right: Anna Boyiazis, Alain Schroeder, Yi Wen Hsia, Matthieu Rytz, Alexandre Champagne.
Photos © Lena Ghio,  2018 

Thursday, August 23, 2018


The image on the left is an enhanced Emerge Art that evokes Donald Trump. On the right, one of the many photos found on the internet. The photo on the left was taken October 30 2016. The reason I include Emerge Art in these articles about the Theory of Everything is that it is a microcosm on how particles interact with gravitational fields. There is an unexplained physics at work in the water but at this time I can only show the effects of this physics. Science is not there yet. 
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Donald Trump is the perfect human being to illustrate how the Alignment Geometry of Celestial Mechanics ( AGCM ) moves gravity and affects human life. In mundane terms, his life illustrates how Astrology works brilliantly. Basically astrologers studied meaning while astronomers studied the physical attributes of the solar system and the stars. Both discipline rely on mathematics to map out the trajectories of objects in the universe. Meaning plays a big part in science but scientists are stuck on the concept of  measurement.
Donald Trump's solar return for 2019 produced by the best astrological site in my view.
Click on the image to see it bigger.

On the left you see the Solar Return chart of M. Trump for the year 2019. It is a focused and dramatic design containing powerful aspects: the opposition from the Midheaven and Nadir, the kite ant the T square. I will only consider the elements that relate to the presidency to keep the analysis on point. 

The Capricorn 10th house contains a heavy karmic load. The Solar Return will manifest after the first hit of Saturn in Capricorn square his natal Jupiter in Libra ( 26 February 2019 ). This transit brings legal, financial and business losses. It means lack of support from those in authority and problems with the law. There is another exact hit on July 6 2019 with a final blow on November 25 2019. This suggests the color the Saturn position in the Capricorn 10th house will take, one of a serious downfall. This is augmented by the presence of Pluto which enhances the karmic load. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the 10th house is opposed by Mercury conjunct North Node conjunct Mars in the 4th house. This is a sign of great turmoil, verbal and physical violence. For Trump the human being, this is devastating as the aspects cause ill health. I believe he has been fairly healthy all his life but this is devastating. There is Neptune and Chiron in 12th house suggesting M. Trump will be better off away from public affairs and in retirement. He will not be fit for office as his emotional and physical state will be very erratic. The kite aspect is dominant with a Grand Trine softening the opposition. Traditionally it protects the person undergoing the opposition that forms the kite. In this case, all the helpful planets forming the Grand Trine are afflicted: the Moon in house 7, the public mood, opposes Uranus in house 1 indicating the erratic explosive behavior of M. Trump. Neptune is in house 12, the house of self-undoing, Neptune is very powerful in his own sign and ruling his own house. It is activated by a powerful T square aspect from Jupiter also in his own sign and house, the house of the law; and the Sun in Gemini house 3, the house ruled by Gemini, forms the 3rd point of pressure. M. Trump will believe himself above the law even as he is obviously in seclusion wether in hospital, house arrest or jail. From what we know of him, I suspect he will tweet like a madman while in reclusion. His Grand Trine will protect him so he will have many privileges afforded to him others don't get.

 USA solar return for 2019 produced by the best astrological site in my view.
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His case is fascinating because his life is very complex yet it can be reduced to a few powerful AGCM that can account for everything that happens to him as an individual and the country he rules at the time I write these observations.

On the right, the Solar Return chart of the USA. The opposition that brought a heavy karma to the president is still very strong. The land and productivity are in serious jeopardy but the American Spirit is ignited by the trine of the Moon in Leo to Jupiter in Sagittarius conjunct the nadir. Sagittarius is the USA's Ascendent. Saturn in 4th house slows down the recovery; "alternate truth" plagues advancement; the cruelty unleashed in many Americans will lead to verbal and physical confrontations. It will take a long time for the country to recover but it will.

To find out more about my transdisciplinary practice that led to my equation for the Theory of Everything and many experiments go to this page:


Thursday, August 16, 2018

7 jours pas plus

, ,  sont les interprètes du film de  7 jours pas plus. Pierre est un vieux garçon ancré dans ses souvenirs, ses habitudes et sa petite quincaillerie quand, lors d'une course, il se trouve seul avec Ajit qui se fait jeter hors d'un véhicule en marche après un attentat. Pierre résiste à chaque tournant de ses efforts inutiles à avoir des sentiments envers cet Indien qui ne parle pas un mot de français. Cette même résistance à l'amour se manifeste auprès de Jeanne qui est tombée amoureuse de lui quand même.

Un film très pertinent quand on pense à toutes ces migrations qui sont en train de chavirer toutes les races et toutes les cultures. Le film, que j'ai beaucoup aimé et qui m'a fait éclater de rire par moments, nous rappelle néanmoins l'essentiel, nous sommes HUMAINS avant tout.

Au Cinéma Beaubien dès ce vendredi 17 août.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Emerge Art VS « The Most Unknown » now on NETFLIX

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Since August 10 you can see the fascinating documentary movie The Most Unknown on NETFLIX. It is presented as an experiment. In the movie, we meet nine scientists from world renowned institutions who reveal both the questions that motivate them and the answers science has given them so far. I enjoyed the movie very much and I really liked the featured scientists.

The questions they formulate are the same questions I ask myself as a transdisciplinary artist. The difference between my research and theirs is that I get startling evidence from my experiments. My "triumph" ends there because my evidence does not fit the current standard demanded by the world renowned institutions that have hired the scientists who do not provide that much evidence, mostly they have well formulated hypothesis. So I will pit their hypothesis to the featured Emerge Art The Woman on the train.

An Emerge Art sequence taken October 29 2017. I call it The Woman On The Train because I have the impression the beautiful face that appears in the shade is looking out the window of a vehicle in motion. This sequence is uninterrupted and illustrates the magic at work that draws the face. We see the installation, the evolution from abstract to coherence to dissolution.  © Lena Ghio, 2018 
The first question of interest is asked by David D'Angelo, PhD, physicist at Università degli Studi di Milano. What is Dark Matter? It is a fascinating question because millions of dollars are invested in the research to find and describe dark matter. So far, it is only a hypothesis.

No one invests in Emerge Art, a practice inspired by the ancient and universal art of scrying that I began experimenting after having made some stunning photographs of water creating totally unexplainable images. Scientists wonder if atoms of dark matter fill outer space. I wonder what is the force in water that behaves so creatively as to produce a stunning and coherent human portrait? Everybody dismisses the question because in our era, it has been universally accepted that water DOES NOT draw human faces. The contemporary brain edits its rational explanation from cited scientific sources to justify why this cannot be real. BUT institutions get millions in funds to find dark matter that is, at this point, only a hypothesis and that is "smart".

This is the most coherent image of the mysterious traveler. I have filtered it to make it lighter so you can see how incredible she is. The original is dark but the beautiful face can still be seen. The face is not a refraction or reflection from an image in my living room. It is an autonomous phenomena I have photographed. © Lena Ghio, 2018 
Next we meet Axel Cleeremans, PhD, cognitive psychologist at Université libre de Bruxelles. He asks the age old question: What IS consciousness? He is visited by David D'Angelo who becomes an excited and willing subject in the current exploration by Cleeremans. For example, one test is about making a robotic hand move by the subjects brain. Fascinating!

Emerge Art, water, gives us another clue about What IS consciousness? in that it responds to the installations that I place around the bowl of water with sentience and coherence. Men, since the beginning of thought have always taken it for granted that ONLY THEY were endowed with intelligence. Human females are still not recognized as having intelligence in some parts of the world today! So this leaves contemporary science unable to even conceive that consciousness, intelligence, may exist outside the confines of the human brain! Emerge Art suggests consciousness does exist outside the human brain. I ask myself: What if our brains are magnificent receptors and translators of consciousness instead of the cause of it?

A still collage of the above process. Click on the images or gifs above to see the amazing details. © Lena Ghio, 2018 
Then we meet Dr. Luke McKay, PhD, astrobiologist at Montana University. He asks the other timeless question: Are we alone in the universe? Although Emerge Art has not given an image response to this question, it suggests that there is a force at large that creates. We can document it in water as in Emerge Art. I ask: does this creative force permeate the universe? What role does it play, or did it play, in the origins of life? What we do know for sure is that all the life that we are aware of on earth depends on water to exist.

Finally I conclude my debate with the work of Jun Ye, PhD, physicist at University of Colorado-Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He talks about quantum physics,   Einstein's theory of relativity, and the most refined clocks being developed at this time. In quantum physics atoms can be observed as being either a wave or a particle. I ask: What are we looking at in this complex phenomenon occurring in water, waves, particles or that place where the atom shifts from one form to the other?

I hope you will take time to see this excellent film playing now on NETFLIX.