The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


Emerge Art No Title ©  -LENA GHIO   , 2019 Add caption
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• I began the challenge of Mastering the Stars and Magic [ history of Magic ] early in January as the Sun became conjunct Saturn and then sextile Neptune. I aligned with the sunrise to intend the development of a strong will accompanied with a resurgence of the energy of desire. Desire is the fuel of will. You have to "WANT" to focus will, intent. This lasted for several days.

• On January 12 2019 I had a startling dream where I fell off a cliff into the ocean and sank deep underneath the sediment found around the rocky precipice. I could not breathe and felt the weight of the water and soil on my chest. I knew I had to swim right out of there or I was dead! However the water and mud were too heavy for me to lift off and my feet were snagged by a shiny metal grid under the mud. That is when my dream voice told me to visualize myself on top of the cliff meditating under the Sun so that I could materialize there instead of underwater. In the dream I did see myself on the cliff meditating under the Sun but I felt I was in the two places simultaneously, like Schrodinger's cat.

• I was troubled by the dream because in a sense it reflects my current circumstance where I symbolically jumped into the abyss to test the state of my Mastered Stars, a practice I have begun in the 1990s. The hardest psychological battle when Mastering the Stars is to not loose unwavering faith that you are on the right path even though you do not see the results for a while.

• So I devised a psychosynthesis exercise where I would move myself from under the mud to my place in the Sun. I decided to use the siddhi Mahima to see myself growing until I became so big I was out of the mud and the ocean. I could then return to normal size in meditation pose under the Sun.


Breathe in as your arms rise.
Hold a few seconds & connect
to Spirit.
Exhale bring your arms down.
• The planets this week are very dynamic with the Sun now in Aquarius being ruled by Mars in his house in Aries where the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is transiting until mid-spring. These energies are bold and bring about startling innovations. The Sun begins the transit in quintile to Mars. The quintile aspect is associated with the pentagram, the five pointed star, and represents the energy of the human will acting in the universe. To challenge the human will, Mars in Aries challenges Saturn in Capricorn with a powerful square that means there are things that need to be repaired. So now you can understand why I gave you the meditation examples above. Even if there appears to be nothing rational to help you repair the issue you are confronting, you can transmute your psychic energy to collaborate with your will. Remember, E = MC 2. As the two stubborn Mars and Saturn seem to be stalemate, they are supported by beneficial planets that are powerfully stimulated by the tensions going on. The week begins with the square, so it is not a good time to begin a new project but it is a perfect time to review all the weak spots in an ongoing project or in any aspect of your life. Do not tolerate any type of abuse anymore! Before the day of January 21 2019 ends, do the psychosynthesis exercise to be ready to harness the uplifting energies that are coming forward.

• On the 22nd of January 2019, Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius are the Morning Stars that you will see( More images of the sky if the sky is clear just a little before sunrise. The day is truly magical as the Moon in Leo forms a grand trine with the Venus/Jupiter conjunction and Mars in Aries. Use a writing technique to focus your intention, a visualization exercise to arouse psychic energy and physical movements to direct the Chi that will be so rich.

• The morning of 25th of January 2019  is glorious with a harmonious trine from Moon in Libra to Sun in Aquarius followed closely by the exact trine of Mars in Aries to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Focus on gathering good luck and natural resources using the same exercises as above. Create a dream board that morning! There are many online options. Here is one: or use a physical board and magazines.


• The evening of 29th of January 2019 Mercury exalted in Aquarius is in casimi with the Sun. This means words have creative power. ABRACADABRA! I create as I speak! Write it, post it, tweet it! Formulate your ideas without worrying about how you will get it done! The Moon in Sagittarius will wink at the powerful conjunction during the night of January 30th 2019 so you may have a dream. Write it down, it may have deeper meaning than you see. Finally, the first of 3 sextiles between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces will occur on the morning of January 31st 2019! Check this link for the low down. Observe how the world will bring a myriad of things to you in line with the focus of your attention. Be ready to seize your good luck.

• To get the precise times for these aspects in your region, consult


Thursday, January 17, 2019


Ma première impression du film alors que le protagoniste, Philippe interprété par Martin Dubreuil, participe à une compétition de Charlie Chaplin et de là avance vers une série de mésaventures, est sa ressemblance à En Attendant Godot de Samuel Beckett. On parle d'isolement, de notre rencontre avec des étrangers qui deviennent dangereux et du fait qu'on ne peut jamais changer certaines inévitables conséquences.

L'auteur et metteur en scène, Maxime Giroux, tente de faire du sens de la prolifération de l'extrême droite en politique globale depuis ces dernières années. Philippe est un Montréalais en exil dans le désert du Nevada aux États-Unis pour fuir l'armée et la guerre. C'est un labyrinthe de cruautés insensées où les personnages sont superficiels et sadiques.

Le film n'offre pas de résolution à ce chaos pervert et on ne saura jamais si Philippe retrouve sa famille à Montréal. Le récit est dystopien et sans issue. Et c'est cela que voulait souligner Maxime Giroux, il n'y a pas d'issue.

En salle ce 25 janvier 2019

Sunday, January 6, 2019


Bande Annonce

Un très bon film à regarder un dimanche paresseux. La bande sonore jazzée éveille joyeusement la comédie situationnelle dont les trois protagonistes sont des septuagénaires pétulants qui se retrouvent lors du décès de la femme de l'un d'eux. Pierre Richard, Eddy Mitchell, Roland Giraud, et Alice Pol forment la distribution de ce film.

Le personnel et l'actuel se jouent entre eux alors que les méfaits du passé et leurs conséquences sur l'avenir de la jeunesse moderne passent sous la loupe avec délicatesse et humour. Au coeur de l'histoire qui dévoile des secrets anciens il y a le besoin de pardonner les faiblesses de l'un et de l'autre.

Je recommande ce premier film du comédien, metteur en scène et scénariste Christophe Duthuron qui nous propose une synthèse satisfaisante de tous les mystères soulevés au début du récit.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


New World © -LENA GHIO ,  2019 
FRANÇAIS app de traduction à gauche

Mastering the Stars & Magic p.1


• Magic has been much maligned during the last 2 millenniums by the institutions that have shaped our evolving societies whether religious, educational or political. It has been made a sin by religions, a crime by the legal system and a mockery by the educational system with the growth of scientific inquiry. Humanity possesses an ethos that transcends all cultures and that is the impetus to power struggles between individuals and groups of individuals. I blame this for the bad reputation that magic has received in the past. Taking down individuals suspected of practicing magic was just one of many ways to eliminate competition. To be fair people did unusual things to tap into the wells of available magical forces. Fundamentally, magic is the capacity to utilize the E energy of our being and of nature to affect outcomes, to gain knowledge or inspiration. 

• Astrology was soon married to magic in the ancient past because it was easier then to witness the clear relationship between planetary alignments and manifestations on Earth, in nature and in human life. Part of that was where civilizations who studied the stars lived. They lived in places where they could see the night sky without obstruction. In the middle ages alchemists tried to harness the mysterious power of the stars to transform base metals into gold. They failed because they did not know about gravity or understand how slowly it operates to clump particles into new compounds. I discovered it was gravity that created the phenomena they saw during astrological aspects through my various experiments like the mysterious face appearing in the clouds in front of the Sun below.

For more details go HERE 
• Everyone of us has a magical potential that we can use to affect outcomes in our lives. This is a simple law of physics, E = MC 2. No matter where you are at this time in your life you can use your will power to begin a new life. What I have learned, that you probably heard of already because of all the gurus and authors out there, is that you need very little to operate magic, a pen and paper is sufficient. No need to sacrifice sheeps or babies, no need to dance naked under the moonlight unless you really want to. That is because all you need is to focus your attention on what you want and take action. Action stirs energy and sends this energy into the direction you intend. Eventually, energy becomes matter or phenomena. 

• On the left, a perfect example of how our technology can reveal hidden features of the world around us. This image was taken October 16 2009. It is the first of 3 photographs that illustrate the effect of Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics on a mass of water particle aka clouds. The palest image is the original photographs while the darker ones have been filtered in Photoshop. 


•There is magic in the air in 2019 and it is expressed by 3 exact sextiles of Saturn in Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces

Saturn in Capricorn is the most relevant aspect for modern societies because it signifies a very realistic down to earth approach to life. Neptune in Pisces signifies our power to visualize, to create artistically, to dream lofty dreams. With a beneficial aspect like the sextile there is the power to make our highest aspirations realities.

The last time Saturn and Neptune were this friendly was in 2013 with a truly magical grand trine configuration completed by Jupiter exalted in Cancer. In my life it was the beginning of Emerge Art, a very intriguing research on the language of water.

Photo taken July 27 2013 


-January 31 2019
-June 18 2019
-November 8 2019

• While the above dates are exact and basically the most potent, the effect of the alignment will be active all year long. It is active right now at this approaching New Moon in Capricorn!

• I will use these dates to focus my attention on the restructuring of my life that has been uprooted in 2018. I will continue what I began with the exquisite Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius that concluded 2018, I will use art. I will also use pen and paper to write about how the restructuring of my life will look like, what benefits will manifest, what skills I will develop. If you feel you are so down and out that you can't even begin the process, write about how you have the power to create a strong will, that you do possess will power and that you will affect your whole life for the better starting right now. In no time you will attract elements to support your burgeoning will. Once you feel that inner force, tackle your next desire.

•To find the exact time of the sextiles in your part of the world I recommend the site

• CAVEAT : magic used to hurt or subjugate others may work but it is not satisfying. It is more fun to describe the qualities you desire in others and let them come towards you. If you have enemies, use some Aikido philosophy to transform their negative vibes into energy you can use for your benefit. Create your own luck! 

Saturday, December 15, 2018