The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Astrological insight into the Donald Trump / Vladimir Putin meeting of July 16 2018

This Emerge Art was taken on October 30 2016. Water reacted by creating images that strongly evoked Donald Trump. This image in particular evokes the 45th but in a caricature like way with jackass ears and a weasel face. This is how he is approaching Vladimir Putin on July 16 2018: he has spurned all of the US allies, he has corrupted the GOP even more, he has been ridiculed by huge demonstrations in England while Putin was elegantly hosting the FIFA. The face drawn by water reveals his weakened ego as he will face the man who helped him get elected at the cost of the USA. Photo © Lena Ghio, 2018
First I will summarize the synastry chart between the two men. The synastry chart illustrates how they
Chart drawn by the excellent site 
relate to each other. The red glyphs are Trump and the blue Putin. They combine with each other splendidly: Putin's Libra planets form harmonious trines to Trump's Gemini planets. Their Mercury planet also form aspects of easy communications. Their Mars are exactly trine. This means ease in taking action. Putin's Pluto is very close to Trump's Mars in house 12. The definition of this signature is secretive actions with wide ranging consequences. Mars and Pluto combined equal aggression and war in an hororary horoscope chart. Trump IS aching to become a violent dictator. All normal people who are not under his spell can see he has a bloodlust that he will do anything to satisfy. We can all observe his cavalier cruelty towards American citizens let alone immigrants and their children. Both men are liars as demonstrated by their squares of Neptune: Putin has Neptune square his native Sun and Trump has Neptune square to his native Mercury. The strongest aspect in the synastry is Trump's Jupiter on Putin's Saturn in Libra. We do not know Putin's hour of birth but for Trump this falls in his 2nd house of earned income. Trump looks to Putin to consolidate his interests. This is how he is approaching the meeting of July 16 2018, like a beggar and a traitor to his country.

On that day, Putin is enjoying a powerful trine from Pluto to his native Jupiter enhanced by the recent eclipse in Cancer. He has ALL the cards. Trump on the other hand is damaged by the eclipse that falls in close conjunction to his Saturn in Cancer.

The real question is: What does Vladimir want? Will he really want to support a buffoon like Trump has proven himself to be? If Putin wanted to enhance Russia's standing by helping Trump will he honestly want to pursue an alliance with such a disgraceful leader?

Trump's planets suggest a serious downfall. The law is after him and his treason of the USA is so clear. We can all see that he misjudges almost everything he talks about, he doesn't know how world affairs work, and possesses many flaws a US president should never have on the world stage. Putin is already regarded with suspicion by the world at large so for him it is business as usual.

Pluto has been in a square aspect to their conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Libra since the beginning of the Trump presidency. Their alliance will not prosper. Putin will reap the benefits and Trump will be left to hang by himself with his GOP traitors. Putin does not have to give Trump what Trump wants. After all, Putin has been in it for himself all along.

To resume, and no one will be surprised, the meeting is about Trump begging Putin for help in retaining his power.


Friday, July 13, 2018

The New Header

I wanted to see what water would do beside books about Cirque du Soleil. This image is the clearest.

-Lena Ghio

Monday, July 9, 2018

E = MC 2, Life and Death

Woman on a train, © Lena Ghio, 2017 
FRANÇAIS app de traduction à gauche

Since May 1 2018 I have been dismantling my life. The process is not over yet and some facets are so embarrassing. I have been living at the same Montreal address since the last millennium. I periodically shared the huge space with my siblings  who moved in and out while one, my only sister, died. During that time I studied painting, sculpture, print making, watercolors, and drawing at the now closed Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts. I was not paying attention to the stockpile of art supplies, art works and books I was accumulating. I was also oblivious to the stuff my siblings left behind each time they moved. This summer I have lost all my furniture and about 80% of my books. The past was encrusted in the wood and my books had done serving me. It was time to let it go. I am praying I can still save my artworks that are stuck in my landlord's garage as I wait for a storage unit to be delivered. The wait seems endless. This process led me to the idea I will stretch out for you below: E = MC 2, Life and Death.

I imagined I could live from my art like many artists do. When I began this blog in 2010 I was compelled to understand certain aspects of physics and astrophysics because I now had a digital camera to record phenomenon that were hard to describe without sounding foolish. Case in point, the extraordinary apparition in a bowl of water shown above. When I began creating Emerge Art, I did not know there had been a spiritist art practice in the late 19th century that was cast aside because scientific thought was taking over the 20th century and those who practiced these art forms were considered lunatics. Check this article in French.

I see my transdisciplinary art practice as an exploration of natural manifestations of physics that merit to be understood in scientific terms. Many occurrences that were classified as occult are now documentable and shareable. This changes the perspective about what is going on when an incident like the one above occurs. 

The 19th century understanding was that the phenomena of apparitions in water, mirrors, gases, and so on, that artists of that time could not document directly but perhaps re-create through art, were manifestations of the dead. My 21st century understanding tells me that the "visitations" are unified fields during  moments of pure, intelligent creation

So as I am moving towards an unknown future, like so many humans are doing right now, leaving everything behind, just focusing on staying alive and tuned into the force that creates our lives in the first place, I saw how E = MC 2 applies to my current process and I saw how what I am going through is a life and death metamorphosis we go through once, or often, in a lifetime. 

Gold atoms MORE HERE 
Physics has demonstrated that objects only appear solid from our perspective but that if we look at them at the molecular level we see atoms divided by infinite space. It then occurred to me that the MC 2 of my life was turning into E and that this is the exact thing that happens when we die, symbolically or actually. The MC 2 part of our totality dissolves, fluids escape from our bodies that eventually revert to various elemental molecules.

In this personal process, I am challenging the E of my total being to re-create a new MC 2 for my on-going life. I am trusting my personal power to create events and circumstances as delicious and surprising as those that have defined my blog so far.

I will keep you posted and I hope you will share your rebirth experiences in the comments below.