The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2012 Return of Quetzalcoatl

After my last post I meditated deeply on the image I photographed. I took the photo nearly a year ago. I had seen the face looking back at me once I processed the series of cloud shots I had gathered. I had felt vindicated that my theories about time could be verified. Then I got busy producing the radio show I had then, working at my part-time job, doing my art. When I began this blog I thought sharing these images would illustrate the line of thought I would explore here.
After the first post, I was haunted by that face and realized I had to understand more deeply what I had done by taking this photo.
Like many humans in the present I am concerned with issues of livelihood, of the environment, of the weirdness of our pop culture, and the bizarre evolution of politics and big business. But I stood before the phenomena that produced the image I shared with you and it propelled me into a conundrum. If that is a sentient presence, what does it want from me, from us? Is it a personal event, or one that It wants me to share? Is it an entity that big business or religious fanatics could abuse? I don't want that.
I had studied Aztec astrology and myths and knew of Quetzalcoatl, one of the principle Gods of this culture, the feathered serpent God. I googled It and the year 2012 which signifies His return. Could this be the entity I photographed?
I put this possibility in context with the devastating oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, begun on April 20 2010.
The perception I got from recalling the entity I captured is that of a force that gives life, that creates diversity, lusciousness, beauty. I did not get a Judeo-Christian idea of divinity. Then I pondered if It could have the power to heal the gulf. Then I wondered why would it be interested in coming to our aid when we are to blame for so many catastrophe.
In the end, I concluded that it could be a message to decent folks that they are not alone but that we have to be mindful about what we are doing as a species.
I concluded that if It chose to appear to me, something I am doing must be right. I will work on that.
About the return of Quetzalcoatl in 2012 I would say "He is already here Baby!" and that would mean that the countdown has begun.
-Lena Ghio

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