The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Français plus bas

BRAVE, Disney-Pixar's latest release, is one of the best movie I ever saw! I love the voice of BILLY CONNOLLY, who voices the father, I could listen to him talk for hours! EMMA THOMPSON is Elinor, the mother of the heroine, Merida voiced by KELLY MCDONALD. The children were very attentive during this fast paced story of witchcraft and coming of age, I notice that because if you bring the kids, they will not give you trouble. The cinematography is breathtaking! I LOVED IT!

PEOPLE LIKE US what a treat! The cast is very well thought out: CHRIS PINE plays a son who reluctantly returns home after his father's death. His mother is played by MICHELLE PFEIFFER who is perfect as his mom. Then you add ELIZABETH BANKS as a struggling single mom who is also an alcoolic and the movie takes off like a rocket! You become involved in the fast paced story right away. The ending is just PERFECT! I had tears in my eyes, complete emotional satisfaction! I LOVED IT!

STEP UP REVOLUTION! I enjoy movement very much and street dancing YES! Again fast paced and exiciting with KATHRYN MCCORMICK, RYAN GUZMAN and ADAM G. SEVANI among the sexy cast. I LOVED IT!

-Lena Ghio


REBELLE, le nouveau film de Disney-Pixar mettant en vedette la voix magnifique de notre MARILOU dans le rôle de Merida ( photo à gauche ), est un des plus beau film que j'ai jamais vu! La cinématographie vous transportera dans un monde à la fois enchanté et sombre. Sorcière, magie, humour sont exprimés d'une façon inédite et surprenante. L'histoire est complètement originale. Les enfants étaient tous très attentifs au déroulement du drame que doit résoudre Merida pour sauver la vie de sa mère. J'AI ADORÉ!

-Lena Ghio

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