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The Force at work / La Force en action
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Friday, October 12, 2012


Seven Psychopaths  trailer

MARTIN McDONAGH has created the most surprisingly funny movie I have ever seen!
The cast: SAM ROCKWELL as Billy, COLIN FARELL as Marty, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN as Hans and WOODY HARRELSON as Charlie take us on a journey of delightful madness. I grew up with four brothers and the movie reminded of these exciting nights when we couldn't sleep and we would begin inventing stories to make each other laugh, nothing was too wild or irreverent!

But this movie has unsuspected qualities and dimensions. Christopher Walken, who should be nominated for an Oscar in my book, gives the performance of his life as a man who has lost first his daughter then his wife to violence. The cinematography, BEN DAVIS, is outstanding! Care is given to what you will see from every angle. The portion that plays out in the desert is breathtaking to say the least. I have never felt so close to the desert. And the outlandish humor! Check out the trailer above, and those are not the funniest parts!

It is a bloody movie so do not take youngsters.

-Lena Ghio

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