Monday, September 28, 2015

PRAS MICHEL has landed

Pras Michel Photo © Lena Ghio 2015
I had a delicious opportunity to speak a few moments with PRAS MICHEL one of the founding members of one of my ALL time favorite groups THE FUGEES. He had just landed in from LA but met the press anyway. He is in town for the opening night of the Montreal International Black Film Festival September 29th at the Imperial Cinema, when a film he plays a major role in is featured, Sweet Micky for President. The film is a look at the explosive events that surrounded the 2010-2011 general elections in Haiti where he supported the current president MICHEL MARTELLI aka Sweet Micky.

Lena- What brings you to Montreal?

Pras- I am in the city to present the film Sweet Micky for President.

Lena- Can you give us an update on what is happening in Haiti at this time? I know PAUL HAGGIS, DAVID BELL and yourself have done many things to improve conditions for the youth over there.

Pras- Right now there is an election year, the election is next month. Things are tough but we still have hope that one day it will get better.

Lena- You can't quit if you have hope and that is the only way to make it better. Is Michel Martelli going to run in the elections this time again?

Pras- No he can't run this time.

Lena- Will you support another candidate this time around?

Pras- No

Lena- So it was a little bit too hectic for you the last time?

Pras- It was a little hectic. But that is not the reason. I will not be involved in politics this year. I am not a politician. It was just a moment of time when I wanted to do something for Haitians. And that moment was that moment. But I am not a king maker, he says laughing.

Lena- You seem like such an optimistic person, am I right in perceiving this about you?

Pras- Yeah I am the guy who always looks at the glass half full. You have to maintain an optimistic view of life. You have to believe somehow good is going to prevail. Even though it doesn't always because this is the real world, unfortunately, but I believe in the good in people.

Lena- Any last words?

Pras- I am here for the movie Sweet Micky for President. I hope everybody gets a chance to see it. I think when you see the movie that takes place in Haiti you will see that it is a human story, a story about faith, hope, belief that your best is still around the corner. When you do see it, you will grab something out of it that correlates with you, with your soul, with your spirit.

There is still some room if you want to join us tomorrow and you will be there when MARTIN LUTHER KING III receives the Humanitarian Award of 2015. For more information, follow this link.


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