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WATER: the source of INTELLIGENCE, the creator of LIFE and the irrefutable evidence of EXTRA-DIMENSIONS

I am always testing water to see if a comprehensible language can be developed between us. Here I placed it beside a fascinating article in SCIENCE & VIE that relates the excitement of scientists researching the power of water. What they discovered at the molecular level is astonishing sentient behavior from the liquid. Of course there is refraction and reflection in the bowl as I ask water to reveal how life evolved on our planet. But then there is that intriguing figure in a Hazmat suit holding a piece of paper in his right hand. The intelligence is that there is a relation between what the figure is wearing and the type of clothing many scientists wear while carrying out experiments.
HAZMAT © Lena Ghio 2015
« I ended up in a field that was a no man's land. It was not the subject of anthropology or sociology, or philosophy, or religion, for that matter. I had followed the phenomena's own regulations and configurations. »

-Carlos Castaneda
The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, P. xiii
Author Commentary © 1998 The Eagle's Trust

In this article I will synthesize evidence that suggests that water is the source of both intelligence and life and the evidence of extra-dimensions.

To this day, there is no hard scientific definition of what life is or what intelligence is. In the article: What is life? It’s a Tricky, Often Confusing Question Dr. Chris McKay says: “Many commentators hold the view that an effective search for life on other worlds requires that we first have a concise, agreed on, definition of life. This is not the case.”

There is the same ambiguity when science tries to answer the question: “What is Intelligence?” The intelligence factor is measured by certain abilities but scientists cannot say for sure: THIS IS INTELLIGENCE! Neuroscientists have observed that a damaged brain will impair intellectual faculties in people, like those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or a brain tumor or a serious injury. Yet they have also documented cases of individuals with only half a brain with the other half of the cranial cavity being filled with fluid that function normally and that are capable of maintaining jobs. Certain animals have been documented as being able to count. To be qualified as alive and intelligent, a life form must respond to its environment with an understanding of what is around it.

Why are scientists trying to prove extra-dimensions?

Because I want to demonstrate that water proves the existence of extra-dimensions, I must address the question of the research done by contemporary scientists to prove extra-dimensions and the Higgs Boson particle believed to be the God particle. Peter Ware Higgs imagined that there must be a sub-particle that is responsible for holding matter together, a particle that changes energy into matter. This idea emerged in the excitement of the revelations of Quantum Physics and in the context of Albert Einstein’s apparent failure to connect Gravity to the quantum world. The Higgs Boson solves the problem of creation, but does not include Gravity, still the great misunderstood force. For me this is a serious problem at the heart of the hypothesis.

In all the great scientific institutions, there is a buzz of excitement to demonstrate extra-dimensions. There have been perfect geometrical figures drawn by imminent scientists who speculate about what    the hypothetical extra-dimensions would look like. They have received grants for these designs but NEVER provided ANY evidence they exist. Now that CERN has seen a “new” particle, the elusive Higgs Boson, which was the main reason for its existence, it will need to keep the institution going on a new very hard to prove theory. Enter the search for extra-spatial-dimensions. The scientists at CERN and the judges for the Nobel Prize, accepted the following as evidence of the Higgs Boson: 

My questions to scientists: If such a particle played such a crucial role in giving the big universe substance, why does it decay so fast? To me it just doesn’t make sense.

 Amir Aczel said this about the results from CERN:" More work will be necessary, in order to both obtain stronger statistical proof of the new findings, and further verify other properties of the boson. But it looks like we are finally getting pretty close to certainty that the Higgs particle exists, and it agrees with the theory that has launched the massive search for it.”

Consider what was accepted as evidence, and the flimsy quality of the proof,finally getting pretty close to certainty.  And now consider what CERN will be looking for to prove extra-dimensions:

Brian Greene – “If we totted up all the energy of all the particles created in a collision and compared it to the known energy of the colliding protons before they smashed, and some energy would be missing, that would be indirect evidence that the lost energy might have strayed into the invisible dimensions.”

To prove extra-dimensions, they will explode particles until the day when they find one that is so unusual that it will be 100% evidence of extra-dimensions, according to them. And I am not saying they wont succeed, I am arguing that their level of evidence for the Higgs Boson and their requirements to prove extra-dimensions are weak at best and non-existent at worst. On the other hand, what I am showing you through my artistic practice is proof, undeniable proof that you can verify for yourself. It is evidence gathered by a person who would base her reasonable deduction on lengthy observations of nature, a person who documented and gathered facts, albeit they are not facts recognized by institutions at this time they are the classical standard of gathering evidence at the origin science. I want you to judge who is more credible, the ones who may finally get pretty close to certaintyor the one who can show you in one startling image after another, the evidence for her hypothesis?

The discoveries and experiments I use to validate my hypothesis fall in the scientific field of Astrobiology. The applications of my experiments once refined by scientists will predict what type of life forms to expect within a solar system, they would lead to Gravity based technologies with infinite capacity for planetary regeneration and the regeneration of our own bodies. The applications will also assist healthy space travel by creating the appropriate gravitational modulations within the spaceship.

I used the following equation  « E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + F », my solution to the Theory of Everything, to observe and document through my artistic practice the process by which forms and events manifest in the course of life. Below I lay out my evidence in a work of Extra-Dimensional Art © Lena Ghio 2015 that will leave you breathless.

PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension Phase 4 The Seat of Power

Emerge Art of Nostradamus seeing me © Lena Ghio 2015

Like Carlos Castaneda when he found himself and his work in a no man's land, my indescribable field of enquiry, that is also my practice as a contemporary artist, has landed my work and me in a no man's land. Regardless, I have done what every human must do; I have tracked the unique gifts and challenges the world has put in front of me.

While in art school I determined that I would develop a practice that would create a phenomenon in reality through applying creative gestures at specific moments of time and points of space that would guide a hypothetical vector of energy until it would collapse into an observable event in line with the intention of a multidisciplinary art intervention brought forward in public places. I felt it was the only way to move forward as an artist without the encumbering idiocy of the contemporary art process. I wanted living energizing and spirited art! With few resources I theorized that the force itself would provide all that I needed to actualize my intention. Later, in 2011, when I studied science at McGill University, I understood that the force I was carrying along the vector was none other than the mysterious force of Gravity.

The 1999 invitation © Lena Ghio 1999
In 1999 I realized Phenomene Art IV: The Fourth Dimension where I came to terms with an unbelievable intuition that inhabited me since 1982, that I was entangled in some of the prophecies of Nostradamus. I researched to figure out what my intuition could be about. The first question that came up is WHY? Why would a man complicate his existence with such a tedious task that in his lifetime he could never verify? I deduced that because of his vocation as a healer, albeit an apothecary, he could only do it for a healing purpose. The quatrains where I saw a synchronicity describe a task of unification at such a deep level that it alters certain destructive patterns of human behavior, like the deadly ritual of war. He also intended an ending to the prophecies that have sadly been misused by certain tyrants. When I produced the event, many prophecies had not yet come true so I imagined what they could mean without ever expecting in a million years what I would experience in these last five years, 2010 - 2015, that have taken my lifework to unimagined heights.

Then came another wondrous breakthrough, I realized I could photograph the image-making faculty of water by using our new technology!  On December 12, 2013, I took a series of photographs that looked like failed attempts. Since then my mastery of the technology I use to bring out the forms created inside water got better and I pulled out a formidable image that shows Nostradamus seeing me, as I was when the Spirit caught me. My Phenomene Art IV has come full circle! The reflection of Nostradamus in a bowl of water looking at is the same type of imagery I used for the 1999 invitation I sent out. This is a manifestation of the extraordinary perceptive force of our greatest ally, water.  Scientists around the world that are studying water at the particle level are seeing it behave in such a way that they have hypothesized it is intelligent and fulfills the requirements to be declared alive.

A close-up of the center of the above Emerge Art with
supporting photograph of me at that time, right and
a popular portrait of Nostradamus. The resemblance are
uncanny! © Lena Ghio 2015

Emerge Art, the practice of bringing out the images created in water by water by using Forensic Photoshop, reveals that it is extremely creative, that it never rests, that it uses any means to communicate; it will refract the information from its environment, use micro-waves to build up images, transcend the limits of life and death and reflect extra-dimensions in the same manner as a mirror reflects us to ourselves. Water reflects the entire universe back at us. If what I have shown you on my blog is something water can do inside a tiny bowl, imagine oceans looking out at the stars! Many have argued that Emerge Art is subjective, that it is refraction. They are not entirely wrong. But upon closer study what I keep observing is that the portion where the unlikely image manifests is always in relation to what I put around it. (Jeanne + Napoleon)

A study of how life emerged on earth has revealed that the first life forms, plants, were mostly 90% water. We are 70% water. The experiments I conducted with the clouds and plants reveal that water and living forms respond to gravitational modulations propelled forward by the Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics. (AGCM) This process clumps particles and in living beings can create more or less mass, plants that will drink more or less water, plants that will influence the well-being of their environment by the task they are given by Gravity. And more so much more!
This proves my equation: E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + S
And it proves that water is the source of both intelligence and life and the evidence of extra-dimensions.

Extra-dimensional Art © Lena Ghio 2015 is an art work presented in a medium that allows the visitor of the work to travel in cyberspace to experience extra dimensions via the links provided throughout the pieces.
The virtual visit of PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3 The Warrior's Recapitulation is the background to this breakthrough. 


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