Sunday, July 19, 2020

RELATIONS -- DIASPORA AND PAINTING @ Fondation PHI 08.07.2020 -- 29.11.2020

Bee-keeper, Shanna Strauss, 2019
FRANÇAIS app de traduction à gauche

shroud (in threadbare light) 1,
Marigold Santos 2020
RELATIONS -- DIASPORA AND PAINTING @Fondation PHI is the first art exhibit I visited since the COVID-19 nightmare. So many turmoils are coming to the surface that not only challenge the status quo but destroy it! For millions of our human brothers and sisters chaos and transformation has been a way of life. Stuck in our homes for months we saw the horrific execution of Ahmaud Arbery hunted by shotgun carrying men in trucks as he was jogging on a country road. M. Arbery was murdered on February 23 2020 but the video was released and went viral on May 5th this year. With hearts not healed from the tragedy and injustice of the Ahmaud Arbery case we watch on the daily news George Floyd being executed in from of our eyes as officer Derek Chauvin is looking at us through the camera that is filming him, defying anyone to stop him from crushing M. Floyd's neck.

We had to confront the reality that some people around us are so deeply racist they refuse to acknowledge the humanity in those that are not their color. I want to classify their bias as of being about color because we are ALL the HUMAN RACE!

Ancestor 1, Rajni Perera 2019
This exhibition curated by Cheryl Sim explores the impact of displacement on artists from around the world as they adjust to new realities, new rules and often unbearable discrimination. At the same time they are also connected to the histories of their families, ancestor's whose bones are in the land they left behind to survive.

In the works of Shanna Strauss we are introduced to very close relatives with whom she has a profound loving bond. In the symbols of the painting we are made aware that bees are important spiritual guardians in many African spiritual practice. She used recycled wood she found in Montreal and applies traditional techniques she learned in Tanzania.

Marigold Santos revives the folklore of her native Philippines with her subtle paintings of unsubstantial female forms manifesting in nature. She redeems the mythological figure of Asuang who had been demonized by the colonist invaders.

Rajni Perera's paintings critique the way the cultures of the west have limited their understanding and representation of people issued from the diaspora. She wants to integrate who they were before, what they are experiencing now and how they are forging ahead with beauty and dignity.

You will discover the art works and stories of more than 50 artists.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 precautions you will have to reserve your time-space to visit the exhibit: RESERVATIONS  - on this link you will see many activities you might also enjoy.

Ms Sims informed me that a catalogue is in the works and should be available soon, so check the site for that. As usual the activities are free!

I take a journey, you take a journey, we take a journey
together (Mask 4)
,  Rajni Perera 2020

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