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PHENOMENE ART X: Turning the wheel of time, the OMIs

Phenomene Art X: Turning the wheel of time, the OMIs
Lena Ghio© 2013
photo Lena Ghio

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Contemporary art is rich with artists that explore and express the mysterious dimension of time: how it is fleeting, how everyday is different, how its passage affects the appearance and state of things. My interest has been focused on the cyclic nature of time; in science this is called the time of celestial mechanics*; its inclination to generate form and circumstance as in the seasons. I did multitudes of studies comparing the lives of illustrious individuals and the qualities that mark their lives. The idea I wanted to explore in PA X is wealth as a phenomenon in some human lives.

Turning the Wheel of Time is a concept expressed in The Eagle’s Gift written by Carlos Castaneda. It suggests that humans have the potential to stand outside the flow of time, to look at and choose from many options which path of time they will follow.

My intention with PA X was to capture the form-making propensity of time with photographs set up to seize what would be happening during predetermined moments of time to verify the probability of repeating motifs. I had imagined arriving in a prearranged public location to corroborate what time would have brought together. Since that was not possible on that occasion, I did the opposite. I set up objects in an installation that I videoed in alignment with the time of celestial mechanics to let these be the repeatable motif. For me art must have magical power and be a link to the primal source. I believe this is why art is loved and practiced by so many.

An OMI installation/ April 28 2013
I decided to secure the power of exceptional celestial alignments, to embody in substance what is fleeting, into elegant objects that I call OMIs, Objects of Mystical Importance. For PA X I set up one OMI at the inception of each video.

Before realizing the last video of the series, my brother JOE GHIO died suddenly. Before raising the final OMI of the series for which there is no video, I photographed the third Face on the Sun as I was invoking God to take my brother to Heaven. The last OMI was raised in the summer of 2011.

At this point, I needed to center myself in practical thinking. I attended McGill University in the fall of 2011 and took a class in science: Space Time and Matter. There I uncovered the physics that underlie the OMI. This spring I finally completed the five of PA X. It turns out OMIs are teachers as well as objects as they force me to face unsuspected elements about time. For example that it unfolds once it has accumulated enough force and not a second sooner. Gardeners, farmers and parents know what this means. For the OMI the unfolding of time is the art that will cover them, that emerges like a dialogue between me and the object's mass, it is the destiny each object will have and its relationship to its owner.
The OMI in action

Here is the hypothesis: The OMI is designed to cooperate with the force of gravity and celestial mechanics in a way similar to how the Moons of Saturn help to create its rings. Like MIMAS the OMI will respond on exact points that are activated by Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics. They will do so because they have mass. Mimas demonstrates its gravitational  action by sweeping particles out of the Casini Division. This means that size does not matter for gravity to have an effect. All objects that have mass have gravity. What Saturn and his Moons show us is that gravity can behave in amazing and varied ways according to the mass of the Moons and their motions. The OMI produce a specific sounding board for gravity to act upon because I take into account the moment of its origin and the consequences they entail. Where the Moons of Saturn fashion its magnificent rings and the spaces between the rings as in the Casini Division, the OMI will operate gently by generating openings in time-space that will build up mass and gravity to evolve into a phenomenon that is aligned to its moment of origin. In this circumstance, the intent of the OMIs is in parallel to that of the videos, a question on the nature of wealth,  with the last OMI representing the capacity for us to integrate intellectually the four previous OMIs. Hypothetically, time and space will actualize the intent of the OMI to create wealth and peace on Earth for all humans by turning the wheel of time like the Moons of Saturn do.

* Robert L. Jaffe Times of our lives


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