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Water, Consciousness and the Prophecies of Nostradamus 3

The two images on the left were taken within 10 seconds of each other on July 23 2013. The one on the right was taken on October 24 2013. As a storyboard they seem to be telling us of a man inside a café, who decides to put on his hat and coat, and is now walking in the snow. © Lena Ghio 2013
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In the previous two articles, I describe the unusual phenomena I experienced with water and I resumed a research on what some scientists have thought about the connection between water and intelligence. In this article I will resume the importance of water in ancient cultures and myths using the works of CARL JUNG to bring a scientific perspective to it. The evidence I have gathered sheds an incredible new light on the knowledge of our ancestors.

When I was a child our parents took all of us to spend a day on a ferry boat. We had never been on a boat and we enjoyed hanging over the edge of the ramp staring at the shimmering blue water. I remember our mother telling us not to stare at the water lest it mesmerize us into falling into it. Before July 23 2013, water was just magical because I love swimming in it, I love drinking it, I love its versatility and mystery. I even had done tests with glasses of water and crystal balls that are posted on youtube. Yet I still saw water, like most people do, as an inert substance. Now I can't help seeing water as a complicated living entity capable of spontaneous and smart creation.

Before I continue, I must clarify that the studies I have done with water, that are now integrated in my artistic practice as EMERGE ART,  were not done for prophetic or religious purposes. I was inspired by the work of Dr. MASARU EMOTO to activate the water with a variety of colors, forms, words and other objects so I could then capture refraction in the water. The installation around the bowl of water does not represent a ritual to invoke invisible forces. However the water astonished me with a huge amount of unexplainable images that far transcend mere refraction! I did not expect water to create intricate storyboards that show intelligence and coherence like the one in the header.

Interested in the process of individuation, Carl Jung retraced the historical roots of multiple archetypes that to this day manifest in our dreams, our personalities and our lives; some belonged to religious practices, some to the mythology of certain civilisations, some to alchemy and astrology. There is a lot of material to go through to get at the wide range of knowledge Dr Jung accumulated. Here I wanted to underline that Dr Jung found that water was at the heart of most ancient religious myths, its creative qualities were described as being divine. In certain texts it was called the Word, the Logos. Jung also talks about the meaning of the mermaid as an archetype of the male psyche. The photo below begs the question of whether mermaids are a myth, a projection of the male psyche or an autonomous emergent form created by water? In modern humans, all these concerns are repressed in the unconscious mind. The mermaid archetype has now become an exotic dancer advertised in luminescent neon lights above gentlemen bars. According to Jung, the archetypes will always emerge in our lives in one form or another. I use this example to convey how prevalent archetypes are even in modern times.

This Emerge Art made me review myths about mermaids. The astonishing female face just appeared in my bowl of water. The image on the left is the original. It is dark because to capture the forms made by water I cannot use a flash.
 © 2013 Lena Ghio
The intriguing questions raised by Jung are the link to the prophecies of NOSTRADAMUS. According to the scant information we have on his process of divination, he used astrological calculations and gazed into a brass bowl filled with water to access the prophecies. From his nightly visions he composed quatrains. The storyboard on the header illustrates how water is able tells a story. He warned against the enchantments of mermaids and other forces living in water, admonishing that prophetic visions come from God alone. Now I have presented to the world a feature of water that has always been dismissed by supposedly rational people. We have developed technology to capture these fast moving phenomenon.

For years, as an artist,  I have been working through certain quatrains that applied to my life by analogy. It was clear to me that the intention behind the prophecies were of a healing nature. That was who Nostradamus was, a healer. My practice as an artist was entangled in his quatrains. I experienced indescribable trials and losses. Everything has led me to the acts of photographing a series of  extraordinary phenomena that most of you will take years to assimilate, others will dispute to hang on to your views of the world. The WORLD is speaking back to us now, reminding us who we are, ALL of us, EACH of us, are HER children.

Croix paix soubs vn, accomply diuin verbe,
Espaigne & Gaule seront vnis ensemble,
Grand clade proche, & combat tresacerbe,
Cœur si hardy ne sera qui ne tremble.

Cross, peace, under one the divine word accomplished,
Spain and Gaul will be united together:
Great clade near, and combat very bitter:
No heart will be so hardy as not to tremble.



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