Sunday, June 4, 2017

Enter the Dragon / The Science & Spirit of Emerge Art

Emerge Art Enter the Dragon, 2017, © Lena Ghio. Click on image to get better view of the movement of the dragon. 


It is undisputed that our observation of quantum systems affects their behaviors. A recent quantum theory prediction concerns the behavior of particles in the vacuum of space. The theory, in this case, is that what appears empty is in fact filled with virtual particles that pop in and out of existence. The dual nature of the particles, solid and energy wave, create the uncertainty principle in quantum physics. 

According to Einstein, the speed of light is constant in a vacuum BUT "its speed passing through any given material depends on a property of that substance known as its index of refraction. By varying a material's index of refraction, researchers can influence the speed at which both real and virtual photons travel within it." Consider this as you look at the interplay of light and water as it creates the dragon. More intriguing scientific dialogue on this subject is found here.

Scientists have also observed that what happens in a vacuum is affected by what they put around it: « It is generally true that the amount of energy in a piece of vacuum can be altered by material around it, and the term "Casimir Effect" is also used in this broader context.» Emerge Art is a response from the particles inside the bowl of water to a) their surroundings AND b) the attention I, the observer, pay to them.

It is possible that Emerge Art is similar to the phenomenon scientists call sonoluminescence. One thing is for sure, we see at least 4 particle actions within Emerge Art that correspond to what is known in quantum physics: 1) particles appear out of nothing 2) they respond to what I place around the bowl of water 3) water (1.33) has a higher refractive index than a vacuum (1.00000) so it alters the speed of light as it goes through it, which may account for water's capacity to coalesce particles into forms people recognize 4) they, the particles in the water, are being observed by me.

Emerge Art is also a great illustration for the Theory of Everything because it shows how gravity clumps particles together to form meaningful shapes, and the Theory of Extra-Dimensions because the particles are behaving in ways outside what is considered the norm. CERN will prove extra-dimensions when it finds an unusual particle, for example.


In this precise story, quantum mechanics made possible the appearance of a purple dragon in water. Various cultures have ascribed diverse meaning to this mythological animal, from ally to foe, from wise to evil. For humanity the struggle between good and evil is fierce because we are constantly judging ourselves and our fellow humans. For example, we are conscious that we must take lives, animal and vegetable, to eat and it is a struggle to justify to ourselves that we are "good" if we kill. Although we now know about sociopathy and psychopathy, where humans have no qualms about killing. The point is, for most of humanity there is a desire to be decent and to be in harmony with "the giver of life".

In psychology, water is the symbol of the subconscious. In Dr Carl Jung' s works he attempts to find a symbolic language in the human psyche that is universal. He calls it the collective unconscious. He studied countless ancient texts and compared the symbols he found there to the dream symbols of modern humans. He found intriguing links between the symbols of ancient scripts and the evolution of his patient's psyche. In the above sequence of Emerge Art, we see the head of a dragon emerge. Here is what he says about that symbol: 

« The head of the dragon that "lives eternally", is called "vita gloriosa" (the life of the blessed) and "the angels serve it". The caput draconis is manifestly identified with Christ here... ( Matth., iv, 11, )» 
*Translated from French Les Racines de la Conscience, Buchetl / Chastel, p.415

The reason this quote is significant for this Emerge Art is that I had surrounded the bowl with images of Jesus AND images of Emerge Art from the series Who is Jesus of Nazareth? The particles in the water produced a symbol of Jesus that is unknown to most people except the ancients and readers of Carl Jung, like myself.

For me, this dragon gives the clearest example yet of the possibilities of Emerge Art, the language of water. At this momentous time when we must reconnect with nature, it is reaching out to us.

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