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EGYPTIAN MUMMIES @ MMFA > February 2, 2020

Objects you would find in an affluent household: statuettes of Gods and Goddesses, amulets and small scale pyramids with hieroglyphs. Photos ©  -LENA GHIO , 2019 
FRANÇAIS app de traduction à gauche

Egyptian Mummies / Exploring Ancient Lives takes us where no other exhibition about Egyptian life has taken us before. On the one hand, we visit with mummies of ordinary people, albeit people in important social roles, that are not royals. On the other, we explore their thoughts and beliefs with  artifacts of their daily lives and we witness an extraordinary exploration of their bodies using the latest CT scan technology. 

We get to meet six mummies: 

Nestaoudjat, a married woman from Thebes whose name means «she who belongs to the eye of Horus». 
Tamout, a singer of Amun whose mummy is covered with amulets placed onto her body by high priests that you will see thanks to CT scan and 3D printers.
Irthorrou, a high priest of Akhmim temple and master of secrets.
An anonymous priestess who was probably a singer in the Amun temple.
A child from Hawara who died around age 2.
A young man from Thebes who died between 17 and 20 years of age.

The curators from left to right: Laura Vigo,  curator of archeology and asian art; Daniel Antoine, curator of bioarchaeology department of Egypt and Sudan, British Museum; Marie Vandenbeusch, curator and Nathalie Bondil Director and curator in chief of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Photo ©   -LENA GHIO , 2019 
Mummy of a singer/priestess from
Photo ©   -LENA GHIO , 2019

On this link you can see Marie Vandenbeusch introducing the same exhibition in Britain. This is a clear insight into the heart of this fascinating and exquisite exhibition.

I have always been fascinated by the extraordinary craftsmanship found in the artifacts of ancient Egypt. I loved that there are magical amulets in the exhibition that belonged to ordinary citizens of that historic time. I could only repeat "MAGNIFICENT" over and over.
Ex Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre
with Nathalie Bondil
at the opening.
Photo ©   -LENA GHIO , 2019

There are many activities associated with this historic breakthrough exhibition in Egyptology: guided tours, art activities and so on. You can access the full schedule of events HERE.

There are many advantages to becoming a VIP Member of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Among them the opportunity to participate in many openings. 


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