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Chiens Andalou,  ©Lena Ghio, 2014
One of the photos presented at
the World Premiere this April in Montreal

Scientists from around the world have been studying water for a long time. A research team at University of California San Diego and Emery University sum up their current research thus: «… understanding the properties of water at the molecular level can ultimately have an impact on many areas of science, including the development of new drugs or advances in climate research. » The same team believes understanding water is relevant to many scientific disciplines including «… physics, chemistry, biology, geology, climate research.»[1]

Emerge Art is a documentary of water that under certain conditions creates coherent and eloquent images that suggest it has cognition. The images water forms transcend time space and death suggesting that water could hold the key to proving the Theory of Extra Dimensions.


The famous CERN Institute describes one method[2] for testing Extra-Dimensions: «One option would be to find evidence of particles that can only exist if extra dimensions are real.»

On 23 July 2013 I photographed a bowl of water with the intention of doing a watercolor study. What I saw astonished me. The photographs showed unexplainable images formed inside the water.  January 12 2014, I placed the bowl of water beside a book I was reading, «Extrême: Esthétiques de la limite dépassée» by Paul Ardenne, published by Flammarion.  The phenomena reached an unprecedented dimension as I observed an incredible breakthrough. I cannot tell you why water behaved the way it did beside this particular book, but in my exploration of the phenomena so far, it is this study that proved the most significant and clear. In those photographs we notice a precise correlation between the visual content of the book, the artists’ intentions, the author’s text and that which emerges inside the water. If the images were slightly polished to create art, they are nonetheless the authentic pictures the water reflected. I came to call my practice Emerge Art and produced a world premiere exhibition: EMERGE ART with the book «Extrême:Esthétiques de la limite dépassée» by Paul Ardenne / Flammarion: where, if you watch the virtual tour,  you will observe clusters of particles in water behaving outside all expected parameters defined by science so far. They are forming images that are meaningful to us and that reveal water's sentience.
In this crop the photos are screened.
The one on the left produced
Chiens Andalou, the one on
the right was taken 10 seconds later.
You can see the particles forming
the larger dog becoming disengaged
while the central dog appears
to have turned its head.
Photo Lena Ghio

Using the same logic as CERN “…to find evidence of «particles behaving in a way» that can only exist if extra dimensions are real.” we must consider the possibility that Emerge Art is photography of an extra dimension. Science has documented endless examples of water activity at the molecular level, at the ecological level, at the chemical level. There are too many articles to site. Dr. Masaru Emoto has documented that water particles react to words, to their environment, but he has not documented what Emerge Art has, water particles forming complex images that look human-made, that have human concerns, some that evolve like storyboards, others of people who have past on.

What I observe while photographing water in a bowl  “talking to me” resembles what the San Diego and Emery Universities research teams describe: «… the unique properties of water are due to its capability of forming a highly flexible but still dense hydrogen bond network which adapts according to the surrounding environment …the different isomers of water hexamer  (smallest cluster of water) … assemble into various configurations called “Cage”, “Prism”, and “Book”.»

From the excellent article Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), Water, Photons, and Life[3] by Vladimir Voeikov: «…water, in which all the most interesting processes involving ROS proceed, plays the crucial role in their emergence and organization of the processes in which they are involved…processes with ROS participation tend to self-organize and maintain particular temporal structures, defining the temporal structure of other processes which may develop in relation to them. » This article underlines the importance of relationships and structures at the moment life on Earth began. I submit that life is an extra dimension, that the four dimensions we use to navigate in our world are human constructs and that there are infinite dimensions around us.

Two articles written by MIT Professor Robert L. Jaffe[4] enlightened phenomena I had been observing about how time and space operate to create complex events.  In his articles he reminds us that life can only exist at the time of celestial mechanics, the time created by the motions of celestial bodies, the rotation of the Earth on its axis, the orbit of the Moon around the Earth, the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the cycles of evolution they engender. At this level of time, gravity rules to slow down the pace of the electro-magnetic force enough to allow lifetimes to unfold. Today’s clocks, and most technology are based on the speed of light constant. We have built modern culture on that time frame. But we must not forget the time of celestial mechanics without which our lives could not occur. In professor Jaffe’s articles he details the spin speed of different particles of varying magnitudes[5]. In our solar system, each celestial body has a unique shape, a unique rotational speed, a unique orbital speed and a unique complex cycle of relationship with the other celestial bodies. Examples of relationships: the Earth and the Moon, The Moons around Saturn and Saturn, all the planets to the Sun. The structure of our solar system is constantly fluctuating due to the circular motions of all its inhabitants and the endless relationships they fashion with one another in the form of geometric alignments. From this perspective endless dimensions open up.
The central dog is screened more so
details become evident.
Photo Lena Ghio

I submit that gravity helps particles form structures and relationships at the quantum level in a way similar to its operations in our solar system: as particles spin, they form geometrical alignments to one another that in turn give rise to new structures and relationships. This would mean that Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity would operate at the quantum level. From this perspective endless dimensions open up.

In previous scientific articles I have written I have put to the test my equation for the unified field theory and each time my predictions came true. This equation is:

E  = MC squared / G + RF  = T + S

Energy and Time as the speed of light constant (E), = Mass (MC squared) divided by Gravity (G) + all circular motions: Orbits, Rotations, Spins, Cycles and Directions: (RF) = Time: the time of celestial mechanics:  (T),  + Space: any conceivable coordinate in the universe on objects, inside objects, between objects: (S).

Gravity (G) bends light and affects Time (E); Gravity (G) clumps particles and forms mass (MC squared). Masses become gyratory (+ or -) objects that form geometrical alignments, structures, and relationships to other gyratory objects under this Rotating Force (RF). This produces the Time (T) of celestial mechanics and the Space (S) on and between objects that can be mapped as coordinates.

This equation preserves the classical theories of gravity that allow us to calculate the motions of the planets while integrating gravity’s function at the quantum level. It also preserves the theory of Special Relativity as it is contained in the E of the equation. It reveals a facet of gravity’s actions with particles that will link Emerge Art to the Theory of Extra Dimensions. In Robert Jaffe’s articles he describes that gravity’s weakness is just perfect to allow us life. At the quantum level, gravity appears weak, but gravity bends light. If it would be any stronger at the quantum level, it could not allow the evolution of life as particles that form living tissue would be crushed. As Professor Jaffe says, gravity is just the right strength to permit life.

To illustrate how Gravity works at both the microscopic and macroscopic level with the proposed equation I will use the analogy of someone knitting a scarf. In this comparison imagine that G is the two knitting needles, E=MC squared is the wool, the hands doing the knitting is RF. T+S begin at the Big Bang, as the first stitch of the scarf is made, and the knitting expands inventing endless worlds of endless magnitudes and endless time scales. The hands (RF) put the needles (G) in motion. The needles propelled into action by the hands form stitches of all sizes, from the microscopic to the macroscopic, with the wool. The result is a unified field.
The dark images on the bottom are
the two original images. To capture
the emerging form in the water I
need to take the shot without
a flash.

To illustrate the equation as a tool for making a prediction in an experiment to prove gravity waves acting on particles, I will use the analogy of a bus trip. Scientists like Stephen Hawking have said that it is impossible to make accurate predictions at the quantum level because one would need to know the point of origin of each particle involved in the experiment. I submit that by engaging G + RF at a precise moment of T and point of S you can make an accurate prediction that involves the behavior of particles as they interact with G. Imagine: E = MC squared are passengers (particles) meeting at noon in Montreal, T + S, where the bus represents G, the bus driver represents RF, and reaching New York is the object of the experiment. Contrary to the view that the exact origin of every particle must be known in order to make an accurate prediction, this analogy uses the meeting T + S as the new point of origin, like it was done in the previous analogy where T + S begins at the Big Bang, to mark a common point of origin for all the particles regardless of their past points of origin. As they are swept up by G and RF, E = MC squared form a whole new structure and relationship that will maintain its cohesiveness until New York is reached, T + S. Experiments with this equation to demonstrate the actions of G on particles will succeed faster if the particles are from living substances rather than inert substances. Particles from inert substances do not have the reactive speed of living substances so the action of gravity on the particles will be lengthier plus we have not even begun to investigate the language of gravity that would inform us of its probable action on particles. Living substances on earth all contain vast amounts of water that has been shown to react to stimuli on many dimensions.

The two analogies illustrate how the equation proposed here can open a way to access extra dimensions in a unified field. The element water is a multidimensional entity. It is hard for us to wrap our brains around water’s sentience because it is more convenient for us to treat it as an object. In Emerge Art we are witnessing clusters of particles that move intentionally to form images using a manner described by scientists doing experiments on water particles. Emerge Art goes to an extra dimension where water reacts with a rich visual language. This is not a belief, an hypothesis, a myth, Emerge Art is evidence. It even sparks the imagination to the possibility of developing a language with water. Water is willful, autonomous, intelligent, and highly sensitive and even though it can be contained, it is boundless.


Virtual Visit of World Premiere Emerge Art

[5]   Visit the link from the article to 'As Time Goes By'  for visuals of  time scales that are mind blowing.

Last Word:

The equation proposed in this article is limitless so Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Higgs Boson, even strings can be accounted for by using it. If strings are real, they can be found using the equation. The equation supports two forms of time as outlined by Professor Robert L. Jaffe. In the form of the time of celestial mechanics, the dimensions of time are endless due to endless RF velocities and directions, whereas in the form of  time at the speed of light constant it is limited to its velocity. The fact we measure time using the speed of light constant from our perspective is not equal to the effects of time at the celestial mechanic level.

Contemporary physics has rejected the possibility that "intelligence" exists in any other form than the human form. The behavior of water suggests otherwise and the ramifications of this truth will be life changing at all levels of our human existence. Emerge Art IS evidence and must be viewed as a reality. Lucky for us all that science operates in many disciplines.

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