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Emerge Art and the intellectual paradox of our time

On the first day I photographed water making images, I saw this most meaningful composition. I am in the center with my camera as water manifested this combination. It is very evocative and made me so curious to see what else it would do. Photo © Lena Ghio, 2013

" So, the upshot is that gravity drives both gravitational waves and gravity waves, but they have very different properties that shouldn’t be confused. "
Gravitational Waves vs. Gravity Waves: Know The Difference
Feb 8, 2016 09:34 PM ET // by Ian O'Neill

I am so pleased that LIGO has proven Gravitational Waves. Of course they are astrophysicists  and they will use their methodologies and technologies to continue mapping the universe. To measure my comments with the scientific definitions of gravitational wave vs gravity wave, I will have to call the gravitational modulations of celestial mechanics effect on earth gravity waves. But to pursue my argument I will treat all gravitational fluctuations as the various manifestations of the one thing. Like you would say a lake and the ocean are both filled with water regardless of the variables. So in the examples I will show you, we are in a "lake" whereas LIGO's work concerns the "ocean".

Forensic Photoshop process of filtering the
image to reveal the action of water. Original on bottom.
Photo © Lena Ghio, 2016
I am excited for what LIGO's discovery means to my transdisciplinary art practice: the creation of art using knowledge of the operations of gravitational modulations and the Theory of Everything (TOE)  to document the phenomena predicted by this equation E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + S : THAT MY PRACTICE IS BASED ON A STRONG SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATION. The quote on top resumes how science has categorized the effects of gravity on nature. However, LIGO registered a passing gravity wave that came from an incalculably distant place in the universe here on earth! This means that this gravitational wave, only one of who knows how many, affected all the living creatures on the planet however subtly. For one thing, it has changed forever how we see the universe. Gravity has operated to alter humanity's view of the world. THAT is how astrology works, through gravity wavesLIGO's discovery proves that gravity waves are propelled forward by Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics ( AGCM ) or the motions of celestial objects. In other words, they have also proven astrology. Again, as in Einstein's original experiment with the eclipse, in the LIGO experiment, the evidence is secured because gravity bends light. Gravity played a major role in the early universe to produce boundless molecules and compounds then stars and water, and life. The LIGO evidence solidifies the role of gravity in TOE but it fails to be comprehensive about applications useful for life on earth or how to measure the consequences of interacting with gravity. My work takes the understanding of gravity to our pragmatic every day level where it can begin to be understood as a force we can engineer. To get there, we must look at it's effect between the moon and the earth, not just at large in the universe. There is a childish notion scientists stick too stubbornly and that is that gravitational modulations do not affect us, that what happens on the surfaces of planets is not part of the fabric of space-time! So they have ridiculed astrology, the original science without which they would not know what they know today and they have failed in understanding how it molds life and affects DNA and evolution, they have failed to solve TOE. The difference between astrology and astronomy is that astrology focuses on the language of celestial mechanics in the same way a musician can make music by using the language of musical notes. Whereas astronomy is studying all the physical attributes of the various musical notes without being capable of creating a symphony. Astrologers have studied various facets of time and space, the distribution of mass ( the planets ) and their angles to one another (AGCM) to get a sense of the implications of gravity waves on human life. From my perspective it is a very naïve view that scientists take when dealing with gravity because it DOES create things and destroy things. When you engage gravity, you set up a chain of events.

All the phenomena photographed and shown here are evidence of the effect of gravity waves produced by AGCM as they reach the earth and affect substance.

"... that they directly detected a gravitational wave, or a ripple in the fabric of space-time. "

Revelation 12:15 (English Standard Version)
"The serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth
 after the woman, to sweep her away with a flood." The image

 certainly compelled my research into the language of water. 
Photo © Lena Ghio, 2016

*WHAT IF what our ancestors described as God was not a figment of their imagination but their personal interpretation of real phenomena that were so impressive to them they divinized them? And perhaps they were right to honor the mystery that is life on earth. Science is trying to find evidence that spirituality or divine events are only imaginary events perceived by a part of the human brain, the God spot, instead of being real cognition of unexplained events. It is the science of "neurotheology" and ANDREW NEWBERG is one of its prominent searchers. Many physicists have decided to announce to the world, without evidence to back them up, that God does not exist or, if they believe in God they cannot really determine a scientific basis for their thoughts. If you put the opening phrase* of this paragraph in context with the evidence I have provided, it suggests our ancestor's brains were fine and they were reacting to real independent phenomena!

On this blog I have provided numerous examples of how water creates images spontaneously in the right context, autonomous images that it creates through refraction, micro-waves and just extemporaneously. Our planet is 71% water. Imagine all this water reacting creatively and emotionally to the universe. Eventually life emerged and began evolving mirroring what water was reacting to.
... the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God"
We are poised to understand the physics behind what our
ancestors called God. It will not remove its splendor.

Photo © Lena Ghio, 2016

Emerge Art fits into the equation E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + S because the phenomena resurfaced as Neptune ( image making ) began it's cycle in Pisces ( water ). Furthermore, these signs govern my home at this time and that is where, space, I photographed water making images. This is one example how the fabric of space-time opens extra-dimensions from our perspective, how our lives flow from scenery to scenery.

We are about to prove the physiology of the Great Man of Native American cultures that many cultures have identified as God. If this is so, regardless of all theories about God's universal omnipotence, we will discover a fragile being in the context of the universe, a being responsible for us being alive and one now discarded by idiots and savants. It would mean that this Great Man is subject to the rule of gravity like all objects. It would mean it cannot interfere in the fate gravity has in store for us at the material level. It would answer the question of millions upon millions of suffering human beings begging to know why God let's evil things happen.


Normand, a lemon tree, was planted to be affected by the
same model of AGCM that formed the human features in
the clouds in front of the sun. These are two of the faces he
manifested. My hypothesis was that if gravity waves propelled
 forward by celestial mechanics through AGCM affect
the evolution of life by informing a living entity's DNA, then
the lemon tree would manifest the same form as seen in the
clouds at a similar AGCM because that was the
 command of space time or gravity. And it did!
Photo © Lena Ghio, 2016
We have the opportunity to re-examine with the scientific method the phenomena that are no doubt at the heart of many early religions. If we are currently all delighted by the ability to look into endless blackholes and universal death scenarios of galaxies, while here on earth more and more people are experiencing deep depression due to our planet's ecology and exhaustion, does it not move your heart at all that we can now document the Spirit reaching out to us? I have enough evidence to support the belief that we can, and that we will, develop a language with water that will repair our relationship with the Divine without the mafia like behavior and persecution of brutes and politics. The work I am doing will allow everyone to understand their link to Spirit, it lets everyone know that they are seen by Spirit and how It knows everything! My work is showing you that you are never alone regardless of what happens.

Both men of science and men of God will be challenged to release their deeply ingrained assumptions if they wish to remain relevant because we the masses now have direct access to the source. Men of politics will no longer be empowered to speak in the name of God, or claim Divine Rights, as we the masses will look at truth directly!

" All scientific discoveries are profound and many eventually have everyday applications that we take for granted. "
We've Detected Gravitational Waves, So What?
 Feb 13, 2016 04:13 PM ET // by Ian O'Neill 


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