The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Thursday, February 25, 2016

@ the movies

MICHAEL MOORE is back with a burning question: Where to invade next? With his usual wit and candor the documentary producer travels the world in search of the answer. The cinematography is excellent as we visit countries like Italy, Slovenia, France, Germany, Norway and Tunisia where I was delighted to see the extraordinary progress the country has made with women's rights. The director and star looks at all the pertinent issues that are mind-blowingly mismanaged in the USA right now! It is shocking that a marvelous country like the USA cannot treat its colored citizens better, feed its children better, educate them better! There is one photograph taken in the early parts of the last century that briefly flashes of about thirty white men smiling as a young black man is being burned alive. I am sorry, I do not understand why this was acceptable behavior for these men. Oh I know torture is relentlessly ongoing with all kinds of victims all around the world- but I don't get it! Moore is told repeatedly that the philosophies he is admiring in a foreign country were inspired by the USA. It is a very sad fact, but at the same time there is a lot of hope. One phrase he said about the USA struck me: "I am from a country built on genocide and on the backs of slaves." And I would add that the country suffers total denial about how the world sees it, behaving like the schoolyard bully even towards their president!

Well worth the time and reflexion.

The Gods Of Egypt is stunningly beautiful!
There is gold everywhere and the God's blood is gold! The story begins with the very handsome rising actor BRENTON THWAITES as a young man in love, Bek. He and his sweetheart, Zaya played by COURTNEY EATON, are getting ready for the coronation of Horus played by NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU of Game of Thrones fame. His antagonist Set is played by GERARD BUTLER and RA is played by no other than GEOFFREY RUSH. But my favorite interpretation was from CHADWICK BOSEMAN as Thor. I love his costume. I love that the Gods are represented as giants as they walk beside mere mortals, I love the re-creation of mythical Egypt with its extraordinary elegance and slick and the strange interpretation given by Rush of the God RA. The story is not complicated, it is a battle for power with many fights and special effects but I enjoyed it. I am in awe of the beautiful film making of today's artists. It is in 3D.

Have a great time at the movies!


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