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The Force at work / La Force en action
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Monday, May 30, 2016

Steve MCCURRY @ Galerie Got 27.05 > 30.06.2016

Left Steve McCurry (Photo © LenaGhio, 2016) right: the beautiful and mysterious Afghan girl.
May 26th 2016, Galerie Got had its official opening in Old Montreal. For this event, Frederic Got told me he thought of no better art than the exquisite photography of Steve McCurry. An accomplished photographer who has traveled around the world he is one of the rare photojournalists to win 4 First Prize at the World Press Photo annual awards.

The press was excited to meet such an accomplished artist. Finally, he sat down and we began asking him questions. The possible conversations with this person are limitless. I wanted to know more about the haunting Afghan girl. I remember when that photograph was on the cover of National Geographic. I thought she was so beautiful and mysterious. At some point after 9/11, he appeared on  Oprah. He had not yet found the mysterious girl I call the Mona Lisa of the 20th century. Follow the  Oprah link to see some astounding photos of children that will touch your heart. Oprah questioned him about what it was that he saw to capture those revealing moments about human life on Earth. I felt the same way about him as we chatted for a few moments. He is a rare person in the sense that he is looking at you in the eye, in a calm, composed manner.You feel like he sees who you are. There is clarity in his exchanges with others. Which makes perfect sense when you see the result of his interactions with his subjects who reveal their spirit to him as he shoots their picture. Eventually he found the lovely Afghan girl who is now a mother, married and still working hard to survive. He told us she also got compensated from the monetary success the photograph generated and it made me happy to know she had a life.

You will see fifteen stunning photographs at the gallery but Steve McCurry's work can also be found in the many books he published. Frederic Got told me he was planning to keep a gallery in Montreal for at least four years under the watchful eye of Sébastien Pronovost, the gallery's director. There are many amazing artworks to enjoy around M. McCurry's photographs.
Enjoy your visit!


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