The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Effects Mtl 2016

Creating a real life street for a car chase from the movie DEADPOOL. The conference was presented by Ryan Tudhope from Atomic Fiction. It took 18 months to produce the segment we saw that morning, but it was impeccable.

As part of Printemps Numérique there is this event Effects MTL that brings together everyone involved in, and wishing to become part of, the Special Effects community. Experts from around the world were on hand to show their products or recruit talent. I was blown away by what I saw. The film industry is totally revolutionized by digital art that is now so sophisticated, almost anything can be achieved with it. Here is a working sample from Houdini 15.5 one of the favorite software for BLOCKBUSTER VFX.

The next conference I attended was The art of pitching for Hollywood. In this case, they are talking about FX companies that are looking to work with major Hollywood production companies. Again the established producers were inviting numerical artists and other experts in the field to go for it, but with honesty. Each speaker: Matt Sloan for 20th Century FOX, Blanca Lista for Jim Henson Company and Shane Reid from MRC Studios: informed us that they want to be approached by the digital art companies but they want them to do their homework before they do a pitch to make sure it's a good fit. To do this, they recommend using the trade magazines, Ms Lista recommended subscribing to  StudioSystem to get the best information about what is going on in the business. Her second choice was IMDb.

Then I saw how Keitan Yadav and Haresh Hingorani from Redchillies.vfx created Gaurav fom the very features of the film's star Shah Rukh Khan. The scene in this trailer highlights the final result of their work. The young man IS the older actor after the digital transformation. I enjoyed seeing the work done on X-MEN APOCALYPSE for the ATOMIZING CAIRO sequence. Nicholas Chevalier showed us some of the "invisible" special effects done on the movie The Revenant. For my finale, I attended the conference Game of Thrones: The secrets behind the creation of the city of Volantis with the Rodeo FX team that won a VES Award for that mind-blowing re-creation of a mythical city on a bridge: Christine Leclerc,Thomas Montiny-Brodeur, Dominic Piché and Patrice Poissant. BRAVO!

If you think this is the world for you, here are important links and emails to assist you.
1) You must know how to work with the technology:
Inter-Dec College
UQAT Montreal

2) You may need some guidance on how to connect with the marketplace:

3) Many companies accept submissions from those ready to work:
FRAMESTORE  Pierre-Luc Labbée is Head of Recruitment
MOKKO Studio
MIKROS IMAGE CANADA Inc  Recruiter Aude Besrest
Rodeo FX
There are even more work opportunities in this expanding field but you have a great starting point.
See you in the movies!


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