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FRANÇAIS lien de traduction colonne de gauche

Joe, a nymphomaniac played by CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG, is found unconscious in a dark alley by Seligman, a single man who is still a virgin played by Stellan Skarsgård. Writer Director LARS VON TRIER takes us inside the life of a person afflicted by nymphomania. I say afflicted because a nymphomaniac is preoccupied with sex in a far more destructive way than a woman who has a huge sex drive, or a whore or prostitute. The nymphomaniac will destroy everything in her life starting with her own body. We see the progression of her syndrome from the moment Joe, at this stage played by STACY MARTIN, coldly addresses the issue of getting deflowered so she can begin consuming men. Young, healthy and beautiful, she has no problems enjoying abundant sexual encounters. One day, she cannot reach orgasm anymore and will go down an ever dangerous path in an attempt to get one.

The movie, divided in two volumes, is very sexual. For the North American version, there is one hour and thirty minutes edited out of the two volumes and still it is a very graphic movie. We may be tempted to snicker at the subject matter but I believe Lars von Trier did as good a job as any to look objectively at all the implications of nymphomania as much for the person suffering from it as the trail of destruction in its wake. The medical research is ongoing as to how to classify the disorder. The movie is in English with French subtitles.


A futuristic scenario of what is left of civilization trying to rebuild a working society, Divergent is based on the best selling novel by VERONICA ROTH. The producers of the movie call it a mix between THE MATRIX and THE HUNGER GAMES. People are divided in factions designed to put individuals in the groups where they will be their most efficient to serve the whole community. But there are those who are more adaptable and cannot be characterized so simply, they are the divergents, to be killed as soon as they are identified so as not to disrupt the delicate balance of the still struggling new society.

Tris, played beautifully by SHAILENE WOODLEY, is a secret divergent living in the Abnegation faction, the missionaries, as the movie opens. But she is drawn to the excitement of the Dauntless faction, the warriors. She switches faction to the Dauntless and there forms a strong alliance with Four, THEO JAMES. The story is fast paced. I loved the excellent scenes of parkour, the style of set and costumes, the atmosphere is brilliantly translated, and you will be surprised by one of the greatest movie rides in cinematic history when the Divergent faction celebrates a win by gliding on a rope that weaves through the entire city. SPECTACULAR!

Both movies open this March 21 2014


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