The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Friday, July 7, 2017

FANTASIA • Everything is possible! 13.07 > 02.08.2017

For ALL information / Pour TOUTES les informations

Once again it is the time of year to suspend reason and delve into the depths of the world's mysteries and those of the human psyche. Another selection of movies about super powers, action and death that will blow your mind. Here are a few highlights:

GOOD TIMES • July 27th 9:15 PM hosted by Directors Ben & Josh Safdie

Get ready to unleash your emotions in this gut wrenching story about two brothers that was an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival. It stars Robert Pattison, Ben Safdie, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Taliah Webster and Barkhad Abdi.

SPOOR • July 30th 9:00 PM & August 1 2:45 PM Directed by Agnieszka Hollanda & Kasia Adamik

A polish murder mystery that addresses issues of animal rights.                                  

ATOMIC BLONDE • July 25th 9:30 PM Directed by David Leitch 

You will be blown away by Charlize Theron as the MI6's most lethal assassin Agent Lorraine Broughton who is sent to Berlin circa 1989 to deliver a dossier BUT... A great cast, great action scenes!

VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS • July 19th 6:45 PM Directed by Luc Besson

A special screening before the official opening. Follow the above link to see if there are still tickets available. It is SPECTACULAR!

An intriguing short that confronts beliefs with facts
Home Education

I will keep you updated often but for now here is what you can do to check out which films are yours and buy your tickets or passes in advance. First go onto the site: from there you will notice a link that will take you to the movie trailers that interest you. It is really easy!



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