The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Friday, July 8, 2016


Lena Ghio is a transdisciplinary artist with a passion for theoretical physics. 
I have been pondering the role of water in developing Artificial Intelligence because it fulfills the one thing that has eluded all companies working on it so far: intelligence capable of sentience instead of robotic programmed behavior. The difference between the two is an AI that accesses extra dimensions or an AI that functions like a vacuum cleaner, for example.
Then I realized that the AI would reflect who we are more than previously imagined. So far the robotic aspect is operating full throttle. You cannot google a thing without it popping up on all other exploration of the web. Weapons are working perfectly; drones can hit specific targets regardless of where on earth that target is, the same with medical nanotechnology. You get the gist of it. But that is not intelligence. It is recognition software at work. 
And here lies the extraordinary paradox about the future of AI. Do the major investors in its development truly want a sentient, profound intelligence capable of coming up with inspired new solutions, communication that has soul, depth and, dare I say, meaning to the user of the AI? Or is it happy to simply manipulate markets, military and medical devices for political and economic purposes?
So far the question is moot because any machine that is programmed and relies on these programs operates in a robotic bubble and that even if it is programmed to evolve within its system because that AI cannot access the wide range of information a human can, or that water appears to be able to do.
We are a long way off from integrating the apparent potential of water to AI because the interests of the investors on the one hand and the apparent outlandish concept that water is sentient on the other, not to mention the extreme competition to win the AI race that leads to misinformation from those who want the contracts, is slowing it down, if not eventually putting a stop to it.
To read about Lena Ghio's work on the language of water follow this link.

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