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The Force at work / La Force en action
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

FANTASIA movies I have seen and suggestions / les films que j'ai vu et des suggestions

Hunt for the Wilderpeople TRAILER
Français en bleu 


I simply loved this movie about the quirkiness of life and what makes a family. The location of the film gives the movie a fantastic look with huge mountain tops, curving slopes and waterfalls. But the magic comes from the chemistry between Sam Neill, Hec, and Julian Dennisson, Ricky. Bella, Rima Te Wiata, wants to help Ricky, a thirteen year old boy nobody wants anymore. Bella and Hec, her grumpy husband, live in the woods. Through a series of improbable and unforeseeable events, Hec and Ricky have become the objects of a massive manhunt. I enjoyed the accents of the actors and their gentle offbeat humor. At one point, Ricky calls Hec a "molesterer". It is hilarious!

Alexandre Goyette aka King Dave Bande Annonce


King Dave était le film d'ouverture de Fantasia. Alexandre Goyette a eu un grand succès théâtral avec le scénario qu'il a composé et interprété. Il a discuté depuis plusieurs années avec Podz pour emmener son histoire à l'écran. De son côté Podz a introduit une technique cinématographique audacieuse pour soutenir l'élan performateur de Goyette.
Pour cela, je devais voir le film. Le pari stylistique de Podz est gagnant pour moi. J'ai aimé la présentation fluide du décor alors qu'on suit le monologue incessant de Dave. La performance d'Alexandre Goyette est impeccable: le personnage est dérangeant, fatiguant, inconscient de ses décisions, et très peu aimable, je voulais qu'il meure! Mais il représente, avec beaucoup de justesse, ce que plusieurs jeunes hommes vivent dans leurs efforts d'appartenir et de gagner leur vie. Le fait que Goyette est maintenant beaucoup plus âgé que le personnage est adressé à un moment donné quand il explique que son alter ego homme émerge dans les circonstances difficiles.


This movie is described as being one of the most disturbing film of the festival. It is Nicolas Pesce's first feature film. The image above that accompanies the movies description is actually one of the softest  ones. The film is in black and white so it augments the textures of the quiet countryside where we first meet Mother, Diana Agostini , and Young Francesca, Olivia Bond. They are Portuguese immigrants now living as farmers. Mother had been a doctor in the old country so she shares her medical expertise with her daughter. Suddenly a curly haired stranger approaches Young Francesca. Mother lets Charlie, Will Brill, in to use the washroom and the tragic descent into horror begins. Adult Francesca, Kika Magalhaes, is not socialized at all and has not evolved from her childhood trauma. The torture she inflicts on her victims come from a child's perspective where her naiveté is more culpable than an intrinsic cruelty. As the movie advances and your discomfort increases, you recognize the brilliance of presenting the movie in black and white.


THE THRONE                                                                                      
King Yeongjo of Joseon 

Based on the true story of King Yeongjo of Joseon  and his son  Crown Prince Sado, this elegant historical drama is tremendously sad. The rule of law in Korea at that time prohibited the execution of the Crown Prince for the multiple crimes he was accused of: wantonly killing innocent people and multiple rapes. It is not clear to historians if he was recognized as being mentally ill but with our modern understanding of mental illness it seems likely that he was a very disturbed young man. The movie tries to focus on the extreme decision by the King to convince his son to enter inside a rice chest where he would be starved to death on the doorstep of the royal palace. The film and cast won many awards for this beautiful movie. I included this painting of the King that is excellently portrayed by Kang-ho Song.


Fantasia CRAZY - SEXY!

Some pretty outlandishly sexy and funny movies to be seen this week-end:

The Greasy Strangler one night only, Friday July 22nd at 11:55 PM
Lazy Hazy Crazy three teenage girls in love with athletes but exchanging sex for money with older men, Sunday July 24th at 5:00 PM and Monday July 25th at 5:05 PM
À la recherche de l'Ultra-sex un soir seulement Dimanche le 24 juillet à 21:35 suivi d'une discussion avec Gérard Kikoïne


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