Wednesday, December 3, 2014

PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3, preface The Warrior's Recapitulation p.5

Sketch © Lena Ghio 1999

So far in the preface to my warrior's recapitulation I have introduced the flaw in my perception , the inconceivable turning point that fused my destiny to that of a man long dead, and the primitive understanding I had about the physic of the universe as described by the luminaries of that time. The fourth element of the three previous ones was that humanity was entering a new Aeon. Some ancient civilizations had worked relentlessly with the knowledge of their time to understand and describe the Aeons of coming generations. Each Aeon is the avatar of a future generation, the Aeon is the human being who has the capacity to renew the connection between humanity and the unseen forces that create life.

Because of the events previously cited, I had done a long study of Aeonic astrology. By 1999 many events had manifested that linked me more and more to the prophecies of Nostradamus and that resonated with the definition of who the Aeon could be. I read the thoughts of Dr. Carl Jung on the subject of the Aeon to have guidance through the realization of Phenomene Art IV : The Fourth Dimension. His writings cannot foresee what the Aeon of our generation would be like but he expresses in details the psychological issues contemporary man faces and the role of the Aeon in healing our human psyche.

In the above drawings, done in October 1999, one week after the exhibition of Phenomene Art IV : The Fourth Dimension I recognize in the drawing on the left my intellectual effort to come to terms with what I had just done and I am trying to imagine the Spirit looking down on us. All the little dots are people, some at war, some carrying on with their business. The drawing on the right is the recurring motif of the imprint left by my parents, my peers, my relatives on my broken down spirit with a new feature, a regenerated me. What is ending today, December 3 2014, is my spirit broken down by the people of the world and what is beginning is my new life, my new self : HOMO MAG ASTRUM.

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