The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Emerge Art and the 2016 US elections - reading the language of water

Tiny version of the three sequential images used in GIF. The smaller size shows us the overall look of the images water forms.

Emerge Art is my art practice that has evolved from the ancient art of scrying. In this link, that Wikipedia refused to update with my research because no one else has accomplished a research like mine, you will get a range of views about scrying as it stands now. Originally believed to be a mystic endeavor whose revelations were dependent upon the "subjective" perception of the seer, it can now be classified as a real dialogue with water that can be documented and studied objectively by many.
In the preceding article Emerge Art and the 2016 US elections, I presented in GIF format the process I use to screen the images that form in the water. Here I will analyze HOW water spoke of the US 2016 elections in the three chosen images.

If I was a "seer" I would describe the emerging form of a masculine face as such: The man has light colored hair that sweeps over his head, sometimes over his eyes.

The eyes have two distinct characteristics, one eye appears normal, the other eye is imbued with a reddish glow. It "sees red"[ Seeing red refers to when someone becomes so angered that it controls them, enraging the person ]. There is a two-faced quality expressed by the two different characteristics of the eyes.

Since I was thinking about the US elections on October 30th 2016, I can deduce that the overall look of the male face is a representation of the then candidate Donald Trump.

My objective here is not to discuss politics but to demonstrate that water possesses sentience and responds in a relevant manner in certain circumstances. If this was once an occult subject, it can now enter the arena of scientific inquiry and research with as much relevance to the increase of human knowledge as physics, astrophysics, quantum physics and so on. The most pertinent science to use this facet of water will be astrobiology and the most pertinent technology will be in very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence software.

In this study, I compare what the water has expressed in the first image of the above sequence with a photo of Donald Trump in a position similar to that in the three Emerge Art. In many photographs the wings of M. Trump's nose are strongly shadowed and his lips have a puckering appearance that water expressed well.

Click on images to see them bigger. All photos © Lena Ghio, 2016


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